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Read 碧き海の囚われ姫 Captive Princess of the Blue Sea 107

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Read 碧き海の囚われ姫 Captive Princess of the Blue Sea 107 Å [EPUB] ✷ 碧き海の囚われ姫 Captive Princess of the Blue Sea Author Yuki Ayumura – In the only neutral country surrounded by many other countries Kourozen also known as God's country the princess Matsurika is troubIn the only neutral country surrounded by Princess of eBook #180 many other countries Kourozen also known as God's country the princess Matsurika is troubled by a proposal from Prince Orland of Canta. 25 stars

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To attain his wish The princess of God's country the pirate surrounded by mysteryA pirate tale about an ancient 碧き海の囚われ姫 Captive PDFEPUBlore and the legendary altar Let the battle beg. Review for Book 1 EndAppealing Title Checked Appealing covers Checked Appealing Synopsis Checked Execution Blah I find this manga is very promising but after knowing that the heroine is such a ditz and a people pleaser I can't enjoy it any The art itself is nice but sadly the storyline is poorly executed

Yuki Ayumura Ç 7 Read

碧き海の囚われ姫 Captive Princess of the Blue SeaBria a major power One night Matsurika is suddenly kidnapped by an intruder and brought to the open seaThe man Raju who calls himself a pirate says he will sacrifice Matsurika on the legendary altar. Manga Status Complete Number of Chapters 11 Genres Shoujo Action Adventure Fantasy Historical Romance This review is for the manga series as a wholePrincess Matsurika belongs to Kourozen a neutral country said to be the homeland of God Her country has historically remained out of foreign affairs; it has never gone to war and their royalty have never married outside of the country's people But Matsurika has been proposed to by Prince Orland of Cantabria Torn over how to protect her country Matsurika's life gets even chaotic when a pirate named Raju kidnaps her and tells her that he and his men are planning to sacrifice her on a legendary altar to attain their wishIt's interesting and I've been on a historical romance kick as of late but the characters and the plot feel very underdeveloped There are very few chapters and they're all roughly 30 pages so there isn't much time to get to know the characters in depthMatsurika is constantly getting herself into trouble with a certain naivete reserved for overly sheltered princesses which she is So I tried not to let her too trusting ways grate on my nerves and I succeeded for the most part Raju on the other hand claims to be a pirate His words are brusue but his demeanor is not The other characters were simple though one in particular Shey was interestingThe plot on the other hand feels rushed I felt like there was a lot of uestions It's so rushed in fact that one might think that the manga was axed at some point It may have been I have no clueThe romance lacks chemistry One might even say it is a clear cut case of Stockholm Syndrome what with Matsurika becoming interested in Raju I have to admit that I was searching for any sort of connection between the two of them like I said historical romance kick and while they were cute it was ultimately too little for my tastesI'm a fan of the art It has a very modern feel sharp lines minimalist shading But I thought it was well done in comparison to other worksI'm giving the manga three stars because it didn't annoy me The story idea was interesting but I wish that there were chapters so that the plot and characters could have been developed