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Stalked (Rogues Shifter Series #2) Read Û E-book or Kindle E-pub

Read Stalked (Rogues Shifter Series, #2)

Stalked (Rogues Shifter Series, #2) Read Û E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¿ [PDF / Epub] ✪ Stalked (Rogues Shifter Series, #2) ☆ Gayle Parness – A month ago Jackie was attending high school believing she was human and that the supernatural didn't existSo when she woke up on an isY strong magical abilities Jackie has caught the interest of a Fae Lord a creature made of the incredibly potent magic that flows through the earth so powerful that he's able to make things happen with just a thought Because they've been invited to the Midsummer Solstice Ceremony she and Garrett are on their way into Faerie into his territory and danger than they can possibly imagine. I love it when authors take me on a ride I didn't expect with turns and flips I didn't see coming And the twists and jumps in Stalked worked especially well for me Parness really is a wonderful story teller I truly found it hard to walk away from the book to do things that needed getting done I kept wanting to find out what would happen next And I was surprised over and over againOne of the true strengths in this book and in the series is how all these VERY different characters interact The dynamics are often unexpected but in time come to make perfect sense And the diversity of character types as well as supernatural varieties make the interactions compelling as well as a whole lot of fun As in Rebirth there's a lot of humor in the story as well as tension And for a non reader of fantasy literature the descriptions of places like Parness's rendering of Faerie is completely captivating I wanted

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Off at firstBut after being teamed up with three other young rogue shifters and after meeting Garrett her extremely hot vampire trainer Jackie found a peace within herself that she didn't think possible Now Garrett was her lifemate and her team was ready to defend the magical community from those who don't live by the laws that protected them all Unfortunately because of her unusuall. It was so intense and got me locked in

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Stalked Rogues Shifter Series #2A month ago Jackie was attending high school believing she was human and that the supernatural didn't existSo when she woke up on an island and was told that she was a shapeshifter and that her narrow world view needed to broaden to include vampires werewolves the fae and many other magical creatures she just took it all in stride Wellnot so much really In fact she was pretty pissed. The superb continuation of the story of the Rogues team and their fight against the bad guys both shifter and fae The relationship between Jackie and Garrett is amazing but there's something very special about her and Liam and there is also still a uestion mark about her actual heritage that is uite intriguing A wonderful mingling of worlds and detailed descriptions of characters emotions and personalities