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Download Waking The Zed ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Waking The Zed Author M.L. Katz – Waking The Zed explores the true story of zombie origins and the first day of the zombie apocalypse What's your theory about the rise of the dead Pam Stone shows up for a job The dead Pam Stone shows up for a job she hates at Future Faith Cryonics She dislikes caring for frozen bodies but she really hates her employer When her ma. Waking The Zed sports a cool cover and I've read other stuff by ML Katz with enjoyment Besides I'm always a sucker for a new ZA book Anyway I downloaded this book on publication day and finished it the same night Who doesn't like gross corpses coming back from the dead to eat your brains The author mentions that this is a novella I think it was about 70 Pages I wish it was longer because I didn't want it to end We can always hope for a seuel though That said it was a satisfying story with a twist at the end It stands on its own Waking The Zed reminds me of a classic and memorable Twilight Zone episode So yeah if you are into zombies you should enjoy Waking The Zed I don't want to write any spoilers but apparently the zombie apocalypse begins at a cryonics company freeze dead people for future revival The main tension is if the main characters will survive with both the zombies and the military chasing them at every turn It's got some humor gore sexual tension nothing graphic etc so in my opinion it's a great zombie story

M.L. Katz ✓ 8 Download

D boss starts experimenting with a new serum that she believes can revive her very cold clients Pam may not even survive long enough to regret taking this jo. Great story taking us to the start of the zombie apocalypse The author did a commendable job of explaining its origins without getting boring with too many techinical details Moves at a good pace pulled me right in from the start and kept me anxious to see what happens next4 stars instead of 5 as I found the writing style a little stiff and formal everything was 'I am' instead of contracting it to 'I'm' Not a big deal just kind of stuffy for my preference and what I'm used to in a zombie read While I understand how tough it is for indies to proofreadedit their own work I was surprised to find at least 4 major proofreading issues from wrong words 'thumb' instead of 'thump' to a sentence the author clearly rewrote but didn't accurately remove all of the first version Again not the end of the world like a zombie apocalypse just something that might be improved with another look Otherwise well written and formatted you can tell the author cares about what they present to the worldI look forward to the next installment and enjoyed the cliffhanger ending the author knows how to leave you on the edge of your seat to see what's next A great zombie read that shouldn't be passed up

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Waking The ZedWaking The Zed explores the true story of zombie origins and the first day of the zombie apocalypse What's your theory Waking The ePUB #186 about the rise of. 3 StarsThis is a decent novella that is worth a read if you are a post apoc junkie like I am The story and the characters are very typical for a zombie book nothing new to be found here The best part of this novella is the writing of ML KatzI enjoyed this book enough that I will surely pick up the second for my Kindle Recommended to lovers of the genre