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SUMMARY Ø Children of Hoarders

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SUMMARY Ø Children of Hoarders ´ [Ebook] ➩ Children of Hoarders Author Fugen Neziroglu – Growing up with a hoarder can be a confusing painful and sometimes dangerous experience And when it comes to finding help for a hoarder parent many adult children find themselves taking on the exhaust Growing up with a hoardeHen living with or witnessing hoarding behavior The book also includes tips for reclaiming living space strategies for ensuring that the health and safety of residents is not compromised by the hoarder’s living conditions and organizational tactics for sorting through the clutter after the death of a parent who hoards As the child of a hoarder sometimes it can be helpful to know that you are not alone In Children of Hoarders you will get the support that you need to deal with your hoarder parent and reclaim your own life in the proce. This is not the typical kind of book I usually read but I decided it might be relevant I found the first few chapters and last few chapters informative and interesting but the middle just was boring to me and I found myself skimming Some things in it I could relate to but others not at all Like many books in this genre how much it will help an individual will vary depending on their circumstances and their relationship with the hoardersI received this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion

Fugen Neziroglu ½ 1 SUMMARY

Growing up with a hoarder can be a confusing painful and sometimes dangerous experience And when it comes to finding help for a hoarder parent many adult children find themselves taking on the exhausting role of caretaker As the child of a hoarder you may be wondering what resources are available to you Written by nationally recognized obsessive compulsive disorder OCD expert Fugen Neziroglu a regular on the popular TLC television series Hoarders Children of Children of PDF or Hoarders explores strategies for communicating with hoarder. The goal of engaging in a dialogue with a parent who hoards is not necessarily to bring about change but rather to begin the process of healing from the emotional impact that your parent's behavior has had on youuick note The subject of this book isn't directly applicable to me but I read this together with my husband who is a child of a hoarderTo be brief I'd categorize this book as somewhat helpful The chapters are set up with clear subjects designed to be immediately useful ranging from Managing Your Reactions and Coping With Your Emotions to Inheriting the Mess there are examples and tips given for various situations and there are lots of at home mindfulness type exercises included for the reader to work on The authors put forth a good bit of starting point and surface level information in each chapter without delving too deeply into any one thing But honestly that's fitting with the point of this book which is to help the reader move forward and processes things rather than try to completely understand and fix things that are frankly often unfathomable and unfixableWith clear statements the authors guide the reader to actually sit down face the past and present and think things through directly Thus this book is geared for someone who is just starting out on their journey of confronting the situation and their feelings rather than for someone who's been making progress with processing things for years I'll also note that the authors generally maintain a sympathetic view towards all parties involved which may be a difficult pill for some to swallowAll in all I'd recommend this as a starting point for children of hoarders who are just beginning the process of trying to face or deal with things with the understanding that the mindfulness and CBT based tactics that are emphasized may not be for everyone and is no substitute for actual therapy if neededRelated ReadsThe Secret Lives of Hoarders PaxtonComing Clean MillerDirty Secret Sholl


Children of HoardersParents and outlines practical intervention skills In addition the book shows readers how to let go of the personal shame and guilt associated with being the child of a hoarder Using mindfulness acceptance assertiveness and validation skills this is the first book written specifically for adult children of hoarders that focuses on the interpersonal effects of hoarding Inside you will learn to communicate with your loved ones in a way that minimizes conflict while still dealing with the logistical and organizational issues that arise w. Not especially helpful for my situation though some parts were interesting and insightful