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characters Valeria by Kaitlin R Branch í PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB

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characters Valeria by Kaitlin R. Branch í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð [Reading] ➶ Valeria By Kaitlin R. Branch – Sometimes ya just gotta let your hair down Mache Harcming is an airfoil pilot having a bad day Forced to make an emergency landing on an unmarked dirigible he discovSometimes ya just gotta let your hair down Mache Harcming is an airfoil pilot having a bad day Forced to make an emergency landing on an unmarked dirigible he discovers a genius inventor Valeria She is beautiful fascinating. Valeria Kaitlin R Branch I was given this copy free to review but as always on the basis that my opinion is honestly held and whether paid for or free my views are not influenced by that Integrity is important to me and gushing false reviews do neither author or reader any favours As always my views are what I honestly feel about this bookI'm not usually a fan of either short stories or steampunk but enjoyed this novel much to my surprise Its steampunk but not too tech heavy which is what I find I dislike about many of them and the romance is gentle and sweet Not being a steampunk reader some of the terms such as dirgible and airfoil were unknown to me but the text made it clear what they were so it wasn't a problem following the plot The characters were well described I felt so so sorry for poor Valerias terrible upbringing and yet she knew nothing else and was happy – meeting Mache however brought out so much from her Mache – ah Mache fascinated by Valeria and gentle enough to recognise that she was worth taking time over getting to know The CEO what a first class horror she was was – all the elements for a great story here unfairness of treatment of heroine rescue by hero and an evil person ready to block any possible light in Valerias life that may affect her productivity Its got my favourite ending too with everything nicely tied up Its well edited always a bonus with so many kindle books being full or errors Although its a novella length its a nicely complete story and for those who want a shorter book its a bargain at 199 for 51 pages Its available from Nov 5th 2012 Stars as I said steampunk isn't my thing usually but this was a story I could get into easily and enjoy despite that and I'm giving it 4 stars

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And unlike any woman he has ever known before She s also dangerous Mache is certain f the CEO of her company Elthgo Inc discovers his presence aboard her aircraft he will die But Valeria begs him to stay And stay he does hid. A fun steampunk take on an old classic

Read & Download Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB á Kaitlin R. Branch

Valeria by Kaitlin R. BranIng in the vents of the airship whenever the CEO visits How can he refuse such a beautiful woman More importantly how long will the ruse last before he's found out WARNING Brief torture scene A Lyrical Press Steampunk Romanc. A Wonderful Love StoryValeria was a suspenseful love story about a delivery pilot that crash lands on an air shipment that is solely occupied by a part woman and part machine They fall in love but are separated by the evil CEO who owns the dirigible He is tortured and blinded by the CEO and set adrift on land The He is discovered by Valeria who nurses him back to health and gives him back his vision by creating two artificial eyes for him Since she is no longer a prisoner on the dirigible it seems that she has eliminated the CEO She has two children which I think were the CEO’s as no father of the children is indicated I enjoyed the book especially the end because many facts are not given so you have to fill in the blanks Definitely a thinking person’s story