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Er that first impressions are not always reliable And when one kiss leads to two three and four the mathematician may lose count and the lady may for the first time find herself speechless New York Times bestselling author Julia uinn's enchanting third novel in the Smythe Smith uartet is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and tug at your heartstrings in eual measur. 45 Captivating StarsTHE SUM OF ALL KISSES the third book in the Smythe Smith uartet series was just what I needed after the darkness and intensity of my last book I know that Julia uinn will captivate me with the romance charm and humour of her stories Hugh is definitely the most tormented of the heroes in this series Even though he did everything in his power to make things right after the reckless drunken duel he is still filled with overwhelming guilt His friend Daniel might have forgiven him but it seems he can’t forgive himself He seems a lonely figure constantly in pain from his lameness and believing it makes him less of a man I think that’s why he stole a piece of my heart and the fact that he is an unconventional herowith his amazing memory and mathematical geniusBoth he and Sarah have preconceived ideas about each other Hugh can’t stand Sarah’s tendency to overdramatize Sarah Pleinsworth was one of those dramatic females given to hyperbole and grand announcementsand Sarah hates Hugh for causing her family so much pain and hurt “They are my family” she said in a choked voice “and you have hurt them beyond repair For that I can never forgive you”So watching their feelings gradually change and evolve as they learn about each other was so heart warming There are many delightful scenes but I absolutely love this onefor me it is gloriously romantic It was the strangest most awkward waltz imaginable Instead of a clasped pair of hands elegantly arched before them they both put their weight on the cane Not too heavily; they didn’t need that much support not while they had each other He hummed in three uarter time and he led with light pressure on her back moving the cane whenever it was time to turn He had not danced in nearly four years He had not felt music flow through his body nor savored the warmth of a woman’s hand in his But tonight It was magical almost spiritual and he knew that there was no way he could ever thank her for this moment for restoring a piece of his soulAnother memorable scene but for very different reasons is where Sarah massages Hugh’s leg and he’s having all sorts of randy thoughts I’ll leave you to read that oneMs uinn always imbues her stories with a strong sense of family and the scenes between Sarah and her younger sisters are a sheer delight I love Hugh’s reaction to their conversations Hugh could only stare There appeared to be sixteen different conversations going on at once With only three participantsThe youngest sister Frances steals every scene she’s inshe’s so adorable The least said about Hugh’s father the better other than to say when he is described as a rat bastard it is definitely no exaggeration My only criticism is that the drama towards the end of the book involving Hugh’s father seemed excessive but it certainly didn’t spoil my overall enjoyment of the bookTHE SUM OF ALL KISSES is a charming romance with loveable characters sparkling dialogue and delightful touches of humourREVIEW RATING 455 STARSThe Smythe Smith series to date click on cover for information

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The Sum of All KissesHe thinks she's an annoying know it of All MOBI #244 allHugh Prentice has never had patience for dramatic females and if Lady Sarah Pleinsworth has ever been acuainted with the words shy or retiring she's long since tossed them out the window Besides a reckless duel has left this brilliant mathematician with a ruined leg and now he could never court a woman like Sarah. It's difficult for me to put my feelings about this book into context I'm just devastated by this book because it was such a huge letdown It was still pretty funny and light and amusing but on the other hand this is Julia uinn and I feel like this book should be than just brain candy The characters are largely forgettable the plot is just ridiculous and I am so sad that I can only give this a 2 There is just no substance to it It is all fluff and so completely lacking in everything that was bright and beautiful in the early Julia uinn books that I lovedLet me preface by saying I absolutely adore Julia uinn She is on my auto buy She is STILL on my auto buy despite this book Why Julia uinn is single handedly responsible for my introduction into the cult of Regency Historical Romance I have always scorned historical romance novels until I reached for one of her books one day thinking the premise looked interesting and well she's a Harvard graduate so surely it's less shameful to read a romance novel by someone so pedigreed Yes I am a book snob sometimes I'm not perfect and it's stupid but I needed to rationalize my urge to read a genre of books that was inherently shameful to my conservative Asian upbringingWith that said my first few Julia uinns were absolutely fantastic I laughed til my sides hurt I felt for the characters and it finally got knocked into my stupid silly youthfully immature brain that I should not judge a book by its covers because a good book with amazing characters and humors can transcend a genre Julia uinn is the first romance author who taught me that romance novels have value too that it is a genre worthy of reading when it is so spectacularly written that they're not merely bodice rippers with brutish alpha males as the hero who ravish wilting maidens with heaving bosoms no thank you Catherine CoulterBut lately it feels like Julia uinn's books have lost the magic This book is no exception The last Julia uinn book I remember loving is the 5th in the Bridgerton series Since then her books have been largely unmemorable for meDon't get me wrong they're still goodbut this is Julia uinn man I don't read Julia uinn books to merely have a good reading experience I can reach for any light Regency novel and expect to get a book that's at least a 25 to 3 rating reading experience I expect sparks I expect magic I expect transcendence I hold Julia uinn to a higher standard and I'm sorry but I feel let down Am I selfish Do I have too high expectations of an author so beloved to my heartSummary This book follows the Smythe Smith family you might be a little lost if you plunged in without having read the previous books but not by much This is Hugh and Sarah's story Hugh is the second son of a Maruess who has what would today be called a eidetic or photographic memory; he's also highly mathematical being able to calculate enormous sums in his head Hugh got pissed drunk a few years ago and wound up making a mistake he never makes he lost a game of cards While drunk off his ass Hugh makes the enormous mistake of challenging the man who beat him to a duel That man happens to be Daniel Smythe Smith a good friend The duel was a mistake and what happens was also a mistake Daniel shot Hugh in the leg cripping him and is forced to flee the country the escape from the wrath of Hugh's father the Maruess Daniel leaves behind a devastated broken family and a cousin Lady Sarah Pleinsworth who is righteously angry about the entire situation than the entire Smythe Smith familyThings happen namely Books 1 and 2 in the Smythe Smith series and Daniel is back in England and getting married Hugh and Daniel have since mended their differences but he and Sarah still cannot stand one another He dislikes her because well she's annoying She hates him because of what he did to Daniel They're thrown together by force at Daniel's wedding improbable hijinks follow and for some fucking reason they fall for each other on the spot considering they have not been able to stand each other for yearsThe plot I give Historical Romances some room for levity when it comes to plot but I cannot overlook a plot that is so absolutely absurd as to be absolutely unbelievable by any extent of the imagination The plot and the eventual resolution is incredibly fucking absurd and please believe me when I say I take no pleasure at all in critiuing this book “No” Sarah shook her head aghast “That can’t be true It’s preposterous It’s mad it’s—” Nope Sarah I may not like you at all but you are absolutely right The book starts off fairly well and then devolves into a ludicrous resolution that I can't even hint at because there's no way that you could see it coming There is no rationality there is no reason The resolution and the climax was just pulled out of thin air I can't even hint at it because there is no foreshadowing involved and no subtlety because the ultimate confrontation just doesn't make any goddamn sense The climax of the plot was grandiose overdone unnecessary a complete fucking farce it's the euivalent of using a jackhammer to insert a pushpin into a wallSome series needs to come to a graceful end The Smythe Smith family have been a long running insider joke since the days of the Bridgerton series because of their terrible musical skills and their annual intolerable musical performance Well the joke should stop hereThe characters There's just nothing about the characters in this book that stands out The characters are or less cookie cutter dull and the main character Sarah got on my nerves For a book that is Regency there's but the mildest effort at making it historically accurate considering the inclusion of children at parties the use of unicorns within discussions and the use of the word typecast Really Typecast In the 1800s There is just not even a pretense at making the characters' dialogue in this book anywhere near historically accurate I get it I don't want to read flowery purple prose and overly archaic language any than I want to stab myself in the eye but I read Historical Romance largely for the HISTORICAL part and the speech should at least attempt to reflect the timeI found Hugh to be inoffensive I found Sarah to be uite annoying and grating on my nerves when Lady Sarah spoke it was difficult to ignore herShe used far too many adverbs And exclamation points Sarah even admits it herself And I ” She paused How to say it “There are people in this world who find me uite annoying” She is overly judgmental and she is overly sensitiveSarah reminds me of Helen Lovejoy in the Simpsons largely because she is so overwrought and offended FOR someone than the person who was actually hurt She is uptight snippy and a mess of nerves Yes Daniel is her cousin Yes he got hurt No Sarah should not be screeching like a harpy and acting hurt on behalf of Daniel than his actual family Sarah is one of those types of people who are offended and even so on your behalf; they mean well but overall they should just shut up and let the actual parties involved deal with it rather than taking it on as their personal causeThe supporting characters includes a group of Sarah's teenaged sister' ranging from 11 to their late teens and all the headache and suabbling that entails as well as Hugh's Sad Sad Past and an Evil Father who's evil than any Disney villain I just did not enjoy this book and I feel like I have to be apologetic for not liking itThe Romance Not believable Mainly because Hugh and Sarah have hated each other for years He hated her because she's an annoying twit who runs at him screeching like a harpy at every single public appearance at which they meetAll of a sudden they re encounter each other at a wedding They fight and avoid each other like two particularly ill tempered cat and dog Out of fucking nowhere the sparks flyFor him And her lips he realized now that she wasn’t hurling insults at him were utter perfection full and pink and touched with just the right sort of curve They seemed to tell a man that she knew things that she knew how to laugh and if he only laid down his soul for her she would light up his world with a single smile And her And his mouth—he rarely smiled or at least he rarely smiled at her but there was something rather wry about it She supposed some people might not find that attractive but she DidDear Lord Oh pleaseI've lost that loving feeling for Julia uinn novels

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The Sum of All Kisses Free read é 104 ↠ ❰Download❯ ➽ The Sum of All Kisses Author Julia Quinn – He thinks she's an annoying know it allHugh Prentice has never had patience for dramatic females and if Lady Sarah Pleinsworth has ever been acuainted with the words shy or retiring she's long sincMuch less dream of marrying herShe thinks he's just plain madSarah has never forgiven Hugh for the duel he fought that nearly destroyed her family But even if she could find a way to forgive The Sum PDF him it wouldn't matter She doesn't care that his leg is less than perfect it's his personality she can't abide But forced to spend a week in close company they discov. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookThe Sum of All Kisses by Julia uinn was one of my most anticipated releases this year Now that I’ve read it I’m heaving a sigh of pure contentment This had a little of everything à la J; funny scenes witty even sometimes confusing dialogues Smythe Smiths Pleinsworths with a very short mention of the BridgertonsFor those who have never read J before start with the Bridgerton series because that is where the Smythe Smiths were introduced This is a yearly musicale of ‘legendary’ reputation with four Smithe Smith cousins butchering Mozart enthusiastically A musicale that has been going on for a long time and even though the ‘music’ in uestion is horrendous often than not everyone invited always attends for some odd reason The cousins change as they marry Married women can’t be in that musicale only unmarried ones in the hopes of making a good match hence showing off their ‘talents’ Their mommas are always convinced just as the girls that they’re prodigies in the making But there would always be one unfortunate girl who is intelligent enough to know how bad they actually are and even though you’d feel for her there’s nothing to be done as she has to go along with the flock or so to speakAs it happens in this series each book starts with a gambling scene that took place about 3 or so years ago A brawl then a duel that changes a few lives forever Daniel Smythe Smith the handsome young rake in the making and Hugh Prentice the nerd extraordinaire no seriously he’s brilliant who got drunk and did all of the above because they were drunken idiots their friendship could take a hike Daniel’s friend Marcus who had the coolest head and a maturity even at that age tried to stop it but to no avail Hugh who is the second son of an Earl is badly injured So much so that he now can’t walk without a limp Daniel had to flee the country because of the Earl’s deadly threats Marcus well he was left to look after Daniel’s family on his reuest because he was rather lonely himselfBook 1 Just Like Heaven was about one Smythe Smith Honoria Daniel’s sister who was trying to make a match but all in vain She IS one of those girls who know how bad they are in the musicale and wants to escape the next at all cost But somehow she’s still a spinster Not that she’s ugly or plain or an idiot Honoria is very smart and has that jolliness about her that everyone likes And men certainly show interest But for some reasons after sometimes they just flee every time she tries to communicate with them Then we find ‘the cause’ Marcus who was attracted to Honoria for a longtime but being reserve kept his feelings to himself Even though he convinced himself that he’s only looking after Daniel’s sister’s alongside his family well being so that she makes a good match on the inside well you can guess He couldn’t let anyone come near Honoria It was funny in an endearing way Also loved being introduced to the secondary characters such as Anne Wynter the governess for the Pleinsworth girls Sarah Pleinsworth Honoria’s cousin and her ever confusing bunch of sisters Iris another cousin Hugh even the little mention of Bridgertons Daniel was not seen but at the end of the book when he returns finally after Hugh himself took step and reach an ‘agreement’ with his father so he leaves Daniel alone Finally Honoria and Marcus marry with Daniel’s blessing But most of all the shadow of scandal that was hanging over Honoria’s family another reason why most men wouldn’t be interested in her seemed gradually lifting because everyone assumed that the trouble is overIn book 2 A Night Like This we find Daniel in pursuit of Anne It was fun I loved that book It wasn’t just a fluffy warm read but had its own darker aspects The day Daniel returns in the day he also sees the beautiful and graceful Anne playing the piano with the Smythe Smith cousins and falls for her on spot Actually it was a love at first sight thing which worked for me just fine As they grew closer we learn of Anne’s secret past and her running from it The 4 Pleinsworth girls were there too giving us the much needed laughter There were some superbly laugh out loud moments something also J does the best But the ending was also gripping with Anne’s kidnapping by someone from her past and Daniel going insane thinking he couldn’t help her We also learn a bit of what Hugh has agreed to keep his father’s men at bay and let Daniel live a normal life Hugh was than eager to start anew so was Daniel and the strain in their relationship ends on a note of forgiveness and understanding with a desire to move ona day in Sarah’s head “I am plagued by weddings” Sarah was there in all three books She’s a vivacious thing; a bit loud and straightforward melodramatic given to hyperboles fancies and dramatic sighs She takes a little time to grow on people not being the easygoing type And she hates Hugh with a passion He’s everything mean and villainous to her for what he did to their family her family because she was about to make her debut the year that ‘incident’ took place Instead she had to flee to the country and couldn’t be seen in London for a full year Sarah is mad because according to her there were 14 very eligible men who got engaged and later married that year of 1821 Even though we don’t know if she wanted to snag any of them but hell and damnation she couldn’t have her debut parr tay and it was Hugh Prentice’s faultAh the good old Sarah It might sound ridiculous at first but when you get inside her head you feel for her and be surprised to find that she’s not as empty headed as she gives the impression of Sarah is as smart as the rest of them but she’s vulnerable For some reason she thinks she’s not beautiful graceful or jolly enough to grab a husband I understood even when she grated on my nerves especially with her uncalled for animosity towards Hugh as they met at a house party for the upcoming nuptials of Marcus and Honoria which were to be followed by Daniel with Anne Hugh was invited because of Daniel But Sarah didn’t know that and their meeting for the first time they met before but not like this certainly not ‘officially’ was rather awkward with an angry Sara and a very confused later angry Hugh trying to deal with her accusations I’ll leave you to imagine her ‘accusations’ but those were indeed confusinga day in Hugh’s head “Hugh Prentice noticed everything And he remembered it all too”Hugh was just trying to make amends He still feels guilty for everything that happened between him and Daniel and the lives that were affected for one drunken night Knowing a rotten childhood because of his psycho of a father the Earl of Ramsgate Hugh didn’t want to ruin any lives His father is very concerned about keeping his ‘noble’ bloodline alive and that is his sole reason for breathing Now the problem is Hugh’s elder brother Freddy who is the ‘official’ heir and should also sire heirs is gay and hence a humongous disappointment to Ramsgate Even though few know of Freddy’s choices Ramsgate knows he’d never marry so no chance of an heir That leaves him Hugh Now after Hugh’s injury which runs closely to his erm well let’s just say Ramsgate thinks Hugh would probably never father a child as well But Hugh knows better He has experienced all the signs that says he’s very much able And this led us to relive what Hugh went through months after months; of pain and suffering It’s a miracle that he didn’t give into depression IMO With a father like that that guy is pure and simple loony just how much you get an example later in the story and no mother gosh I felt for him It was a painful recovery; not only physically but also all the time knowing his leg would never be the same again He’d never walk dashingly or ride a horse or dance with a graceful partner I didn’t berate once that he felt sad that he won’t do some of those things also sometimes later in the story feeling that he can’t be the sort of man Sarah needs Post injury Hugh hasn’t been with a woman in the past 3 or so years It has a lot of do with the scar which he thinks is very ugly and any woman would find it gross But as I already mentioned he knew his body’s reaction just fineHugh only wanted a little peace of mind which seems farfetched now that he’s meet Lady Sarah again It struck me really when he thought to himself how well he knows her voice and could recognize it anywhere And her odd animosity towards him leaves him speechless every time Hugh has an ah meh zing brain and can do math no matter how big the numbers without any help Also his memory is very sharp Even then Sarah’s voice seems to stand out So for the rest of the wedding Hugh is determined to ignore the crazy Sarah Pleinsworth and be done with itBut it’s easier said than done when he keeps meeting her everywhere And even though they rather heat it off with all sorts of wrong one could see that Hugh and Sarah only needed the right ‘push’ to see what they can mean to each other At one point they actually started having somewhat normal conversations because the Providence provided that ‘push’ in the form of that house party D Hugh also meets Sarah’s sisters Elizabeth Harriet and Frances They’re all endearing in their own way Hugh is especially taken with the youngest Frances the one with a very deep passion for anything that spells ‘unicorn’ We all know how confusing yet entertaining the Pleinsworth sisters can be You start reading their dialogues and then you just stop trying to make sense of things at all But I guess that’s the type of effect J was trying to achieve and succeeded without a doubt I distinctly remember one carriage scene where they were on their way to Daniel’s estate for his wedding The carriage had all the Pleinsworth girls together speaking among other things Poor Hugh he weathered uite well IMO He rather enjoyed that ride actually so because Sarah was there with himAs Sarah and Hugh started becoming friendlier the story also started picking up its pace I was eagerly waiting to see whenhow they actually fall There were some lovely scenes at this part of the book One would be the scene where Hugh has this conversation with Frances on the wedding of Honoria Marcus He couldn’t dance like the rest so Frances brings him a piece of cake to share with hers Hugh was engrossed in Sarah who was dancing with someone feeling a little listless that he can’t be the one she’s dancing with trust me there is a superb scene at one point where they do dance But he didn’t have to wait to have her in his arms I thoroughly enjoyed this transformation from haters to almost lovers on that scene at night at Daniel’s estate when Sarah goes out because she was feeling restless Hugh couldn’t sleep due to his injury but specifically because of his disturbingly erotic thoughts on one certain Sarah Pleinsworth Then he sees her outside only in her nightdress ‘WTF’ was Hugh’s reaction I didn’t know what to expect next certainly not one of the most beautiful scenes of the story; the scene where Sara and Hugh finally sort out their mutual feelings It was marvelous and grand to watch Lady Sarah finally fall in loveAnd I’ll uote because it goes so beautifully with the title “And when he kissed her All she wanted was “You are so beautiful” he murmured and for the first time in her life Sarah truly believed that she wasShe touched his cheek “So are you”Hugh smiled down at her a silly half grin that told her he did not believe her for one second”Things heat up after that for our Nerd Extraordinaire and Miss Melodramatic; secret kisses and fondlings stolen glances and smiles Sisters giving unexpected privacy when they’re not being pesky or making up illogical words such as ‘Hughnicorns’ that is Sarah and Hugh were sure so sure they’re going to be each others But then Hugh had to come clean about his crazy contract with his father making Sarah mad Since Hugh was pretty precious to his father because of his probability of siring an heir someday he was able to ‘sway’ his father with threats on his own life in leaving Daniel alone Crazy crazy scheme I certainly didn’t blame Sarah for being madThe rest was just a big bad climax with some confusing entertaining and sometimes maniac strings of events thanks to Hugh’s daddy dearest You just have to read to see what I mean by that To me Sarah showed her mettle when she stood up to the Earl and gave him a good bit of what for Oh that was FUN Hugh certainly was than proud of her Then came the epilogue which was just sighworthy Well I certainly grinned like a lunatic It was such a treat to see them finally together letting all the bitterness goThe next book is supposed to be of Iris’s Though we still don’t know who will be her hero I’m eagerly waiting for it I just hope we don’t have a loooooooong wait ahead of us again 4 ‘Hughnicorns’couldn’t help it seriously pThis ARC was provided to me by HarperCollinsAvon via edelweiss which didn’t influence my review and rating in any way