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Summary The Accidental Florist Jane Jeffry Mystery Book 16 ✓ E-book or Kindle E-pub

Free download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê Jill Churchill

The Accidental Florist Jane Jeffry Mystery Book 16Jane Jeffry and Florist Jane ePUB #8608 longtime beau Detective Mel VanDyne finally decide to marry but Mel's overbearing mother wants to take charge of not only the rehearsal dinner but the actual wedding Since Jane half expected Mel's mother to steamroll the entire event she agrees but with rules of her own N. The fact is I expect better out of an author whose first novel Grime and Punishment won an Agatha Award and has in fact survived several cullings of my own personal library But her 2007 offering Starts like thisJane pulled into her drivewayuite a hook eh Not But it goes onShe'd just driven to Kansas City and back to drop off Katie at a culinary school at a junior college and get her set up in an apartment with two other girls Jane had made a uick stop at a liuor store to buy a bottle of champagne on the way homeOn the second page she repeats the same information about Katie's school to the neighbor who drops by In fact they review the status of all Jane's kids get extremely drunk and part ways after some coffee Next morning Jane's hair is a mess and she thinks about her novel that's going to be in actual print in two weeksEnd of Chapter OneI actually made it partway through Chapter Three page 18 to be exact before I realized that this novel's just not going to get anywhere fast enough for me to care Are publishers just counting on people to buy an author's books just because some of them have been pretty good What happened to Ms Churchill to make her satisfied with such flaccid prose and tensionless plotting Are fans of Jane Jeffrys suburban mom and amateur detective really willing to read through all the minutae of the Jane's lifeWords fail me

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O bridesmaids no groomsmen And she can't tell Jane what to wearBut during what should have been a blissful interval between the engagement and the bouuet toss several other occurrences take place Mel convinces Jane and her The Accidental Kindle best friend Shelley Nowack to take a women's safety class They le. This is one of the worst books ever written by an author who used to be one of my favorites The only mystery is why it was written Churchill completely contradicts herself about a cat's litter box within two pages creates two weddings when one would have sufficed and all in all reads as if she wrote it in three days while doing something else or had a relative who wants to be an author do it One star is incredibly generous and the only reason I gave it that was because I couldn't figure out how else to review it By the time I was done I was embarrassed for her

Summary The Accidental Florist Jane Jeffry Mystery Book 16

Summary The Accidental Florist Jane Jeffry Mystery Book 16 ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub è [PDF] ✪ The Accidental Florist Jane Jeffry Mystery Book 16 By Jill Churchill – Jane Jeffry and longtime beau Detective Mel VanDyne finally decide to marry but Mel's overbArn a lot but the class is cut short when a dead body is discovered So between Jane's wedding planning her new writing project and a battle between both mother in laws which Jane encourages a murderer must be found before this bride can Accidental Florist Jane Jeffry Mystery Kindle walk happily down the aisle. A mystery written in 2007 but the author is so old fashioned it could have been in the 50's I can't believe I finished the book I did enjoy when she went grocery shopping and she told you what she bought