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New Europe Summary ê 100 ↠ ✍ New Europe pdf ✎ Author Michael Palin – Michael Palin's New Europe starts with a simple idea that only a couple of hours from home is a half of Europe that is for him as unknown and unexplored as the plateau of Tibet or the vastnesses of th Michael Palin's New Europe starts with a simMichael Palin's New Europe starts with a simple idea that only a couple of hours from home is a half of Europe that is for him as unknown and unexplored as the plateau of Tibet or the vastnesses of the Sahara Cut off for most of his life by Cold Wars and Iron Curtains Europe's eastern lands are now open for businessAnd it's as much a voyage of discovery as any of Michael's other journeys as he finds himself in countries he'd barely heard of many of them new names on the map many unfamiliar and mysterious all with tragic histories and much brighter futuresStarting in the snows of the Julian Alps on the bo. Michael Palin's account of his travels to the countries of Eastern and Central Europe which were once behind the iron curtain is interesting enoughthough I didn't find it as compelling as two of his other booksHimalaya and SaharaThe voyage takes him to twenty one countriesmost of them sharing a communist past and many of them now part of the European UnionThe sheer number of countries visited doesn't allow for detailed exploration but there are some memorable bitsincluding his visits to Auschwitz and Romanian dictator Ceausescu's 1000 room palace

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Rders of Italy and Slovenia Michael heads east to discover the half of Europe he never knewHeading down the ancient trade route of the Adriatic coast he turns north into the Balkans gingerly picking themselves up after the vicious fighting of the 's Albania takes Michael into a different world of strongly eastern influence which he follows through Bulgaria Macedonia and into Turkey where Europe and Asia meet Turning north to Moldova and Romania he follows the mighty Danube into Serbia and Hungary the very heart of Europe and on to the Ukraine A final sweep from north to south takes him through the Baltic. This is true to form of Palin's other well known travel books He travels pretty uickly through a lot of places and touches on them briefly in his books accompanied by good photographs to illustrate his story In each place he picks an interesting place or person or event and focusses on that primarily for the chapter on that city It is successful in a fairly light way and I often find that Palin's introduction is where he does his deepest theorising New Europe is Palin's effort to catch up with those countries in Europe Eastern Europe mainly which have undergone the most change in the last decade Completed in 2007 it is hard to reconcile that this book is already 10 years out of dateHe touches on twenty countries across a book approx 280 pages long gives about 14 pages each around a third of which are taken up by photos By Basil Pao as all of Palins travel books are So a brief touch in each country listed in the shelving aboveI rated his earlier books when I joined Goodreads and they mostly sit in 2 or 3 star slots except Saraha which I found a head above the rest at 4 stars 2 3 stars for these books reflects that the enjoyed them but didn't find them great I guess one day I might re read them and might change my view perhaps they are better than 2 3 For me this was a good 3 star read

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New EuropeStates into Poland and across the Carpathian mountains into Slovakia the Czech Republic and what was until recently East GermanyVisiting twenty countries than in his Himalaya and Sahara journeys combined he encounters painful memories and exuberant celebrations Throwing himself into local life with his usual reckless curiosity he samples pig fat with a brandy chaser meets Romanian lumberjacks drives the stopping train from Poznan to Wolsztyn learns about mine clearing in Bosnia treads the catwalk at a Budapest fashion show and watches Turkish gents wrestling in olive oilIt's New Europe but vintage Palin. Michael Palin is a legend an all round national treasure And this account of his travels around the former Commie states New Europe increased my curiosity and fascination all the and only fed my wanderlust He is a wit too well Monty Python of course One of my favourite parts We take a coffee break at the self consciously literary Café Wilde who published the first medical textbooks in Estonian This doesn't stop them having a bronze sculpture of Oscar Wilde seated on a bench outside The current owner of the café believes that the Irishness of Oscar Wilde resonates with Estonians Both countries are on the edge of the continent both love singing and mythology and both have been transformed by the cyber revolution