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GI's were vastly outnumbered and out euipped in the fight which would soon become known as the Battle of the Bulge Hitler's final offensive The vaunted Wehrmacht threw everything they had in their arsenal against the American dogfaces This is the true story of a man in combat who continuously adapted to his circumstances with grace and courage ultimately transforming himself from an ordinary young GI to a leader who helped show his soldiers by example how to survive war. Actually 25 stars since I have such respect for the author and what endured while serving in WWII He had an excellent but very short story to tell but what he really needed was a good editor who could have taken this book up a notch or two

Summary Bloody Roads to Germany

Bloody Roads to GermanyHe never planned on becoming a leader or a hero In November Sergeant William Meller was just twenty years old Very soon into the fighting in Huertgen Forest he found himself promoted to suad leader by attrition since every single officer in the rifle companies had already been killed or wounded Meller and his men living in freezing foxholes and armed only with rifles and a few machine guns and grenades fought against the Bloody Roads ePUB #186 Wehrmacht's battle harden. The story of a young man in the closing year of WWII Promoted to SSgt because of battle casualties he takes over his small suad and does his best to lead and protect them during the Battle of the Bulge Despite his leadership and care they are captured and he tells us what it was like to be a POW in Germany It's a clear and well written piece without being terribly long Fascinating that the author's father fought in WWI with the same unit and both went home with a chest full of medals At one point the author muses about whether his son would have to do something similar as two generations had already bled and killed for their country in an effort to defeat Germany Happily we know that sacrifices from a third generation to defeat Germany were not needed The world has turned and because of the blood sweat and tears of our grandparentsgreat grandparents today Germany is an ally of republican democracy

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Bloody Roads to Germany Free download ↠ 100 ½ ❰BOOKS❯ ✫ Bloody Roads to Germany Author William F. Meller – He never planned on becoming a leader—or a hero In November 1944—Sergeant William Meller was just twenty years old Very soon into the fighting in Huertgen Forest he found himsEd soldiers and its juggernaut Panzer tanks all while under withering barrages of artillery fire The bravery and determination of Meller and the soldiers of Meller's th Infantry Division allowed them to survive what would become the longest single battle the US Army has ever fought in its history But they would get little respite from the carnage Almost immediately they were sent to fight the Germans in the densely forested and bitter cold Ardennes Again Meller and his. Interesting True story of a soldier that continuously grows up during battles and captivity during WW 11