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Fobbit AUTHOR David Abrams Free download Õ 4 ½ ❴Reading❵ ➼ Fobbit Author David Abrams – Fobbit ’fä bit noun Definition A US soldier stationed at a Forward Operating Base who avoids combat by remaining at the base esp during Operation Irai Freedom 2003 2011 PejorativeIn the satirical Or FOB is like the back office of the battlefield – where people eat and sleep and where a lot of soldiers have what looks suspiciously like an office job Male and female soldiers are trying to find an empty Porta Potty in which to get acuainted grunts are playing Xbox and watching NASCAR between missions and a lot of the se. This brilliant powerfully rendered debut seizes you by the collar; spits shouts whispers and laughs in your ear drags you through the sweat pus blood and grit of war in Ira 2005 and ultimately pulls every string in your heart to reveal at its core as only a true classic war story can the insanity of humans desperately battling the inanity of mayhem and violence Explosive and ironic sandstorms kicking up from the pages will land in your teeth This novel was written in surround sound and 3 D vision A 360 degree experience Abrams rips away every kind of mask to give those of us safe at home a glimpse of the truth

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Fobbit ’fä bit noun Definition A US soldier stationed at a Forward Operating Base who avoids combat by remaining at the base esp during Operation Irai FreedomPejorativeIn the satirical tradition of Catch and MASH Fobbit takes us into the chaotic world of Baghdad’s Forward Operating Base Triumph The Forward Operating base. If somewhere there is a society devoted to bleakness where to have a bleak outlook is aspired to by all and the highest virtue is to live life as bleakly as possible this book should be on their school syllabus This is not necessarily a bad thing Life can be bleak War is always bleak So it follows that life during war is likely not a fun filled prance through a flowering meadow Fobbit is a book set during the recent US led Irai conflict and while there is much humor in the book the portrait it paints of soldiers at war is one that I found terribly sad Fobbit follows the soldiering of several very different men The first Captain Abe Shrinkle is an incompetent frontline 'door kicker' who is way out of his depth in the life or death situations he finds himself in Shrinkle's constant screw ups and the death spiral of his army career are a great window into the mismanagement and butt covering that the army like any large organisation can engage in to the detriment of it's combat soldiersThe second narrative follows Staff Sergeant Chance Gooding one of the titular Fobbits REMFs in a previous era non combat personnel who spend their tours working in the airconditioned comparative safety of Forward Operating Bases also knows as FOBs Gooding spends his war writing and redrafting press releases in a sort of absurdist bureaucratic hell carrying out pointless tasks for his incompetent sniveling boss Gooding's work while safer and cushy than that of a frontline soldier is in it's own way sad and soul warping Other characters who feature prominently include Vic Duret a hardarse Colonel trying to deal with Shrinkle's incompetence and the aformentioned snivelling boss who makes Gooding's life a miseryNone of the characters are having what you would call a good deployment While some of them dodge bullets and dispense death and others wear a butt shaped groove in an air conned office chair it soon becomes clear that in Abrams' Ira nobody escapes the war without taking shrapnel of at least the psychological sort Despite this grimness Fobbit is an enjoyable read Abram's book is billed as a sort of Irai Catch 22 but to my mind this novel is blacker and less comedic than Heller's book In saying this Fobbit is still pretty funny in parts imagine The Hurt Locker meets Office Space and there are a number of memorably amusing scenes In particular Abrams' portrayal of Aussie soldiers as tanned easygoing and Fosters slugging is pretty funny although I've never seen a real aussie drink a can of Fosters LagerOverall I enjoyed Fobbit and it flows well Abrams' portrayal of war as violent confusing bureaucratic and absurd resonated with me and I felt his authentic experiences as a soldier coming through the pages Fobbit isn't the new Catch 22 but it doesn't need to be

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Fobbit AUTHOR David AbraNior staff are concerned about getting to the chow hall in time for the Friday night all you can eat seafood special than worrying about little things like military strategyDarkly humorous and based on the author's own experiences in Ira Fobbit is a fantastic debut that shows us a behind the scenes portrait of the real Ira war. Making war and death the subject of satire and humor is a monumentally difficult task and only a few like Joseph Heller can pull it off David Abrams achieves that difficult task here and Fobbitt fully warrants its accolades as the Catch 22 of the Ira war It's an eye opening view of the lives of soldiers operating in Forward Operating Base in the middle of Baghdad Public Affairs Office Chance Gooding serves as the moral center of the book and he is fully aware of the futility of what he does filing press releases that distort the harsh realities of the war to keep a positive spin on the effort for the folks at home while the press ignores the military's propaganda because they're way ahead of them in uncovering the real facts of every incident Gooding is surrounded by incompetents his boss who rewrites him mercifully can't stop his nose from bleeding in every moment of crisis and who blotches his clothes with continent shaped food stains from his constant over eating But perhaps the poor soldier you feel most sympathy for the hapless Captain Abe Shrinkle who does everything wrong from peeing himself when a local national and suspected suicide bomber gets his car stuck under a tank; to tossing a hand grenade into an American military fuel truck he doesn't want to have be captured by insurgents and in so doing fries a another local who had crawled under the truck His general consigns the inept captain to work the towel service at the FOB's ridiculously ill euipped gym I won't give any away about Shrinkle's fate because it's a key part of the books culmination The characters the plotting and the humor in this book are pitch perfect I enjoyed every page and was sorry to see it end It's one of a number of great books about Irai soldiers that came out this year along with the terrific Ben Fountain's Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and Kevin Powers' Yellow Birds Abrams' book reads like an instant classic Abrams is a veteran and every page is fully of anecdotes and insights that only someone's who lived through this would know Care packages are a source of rich satire in the novel as Shrinkle is a hoarder of them but the book still inspired me to send one