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Storm Riders characters à 5 ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Storm Riders Author Karen Michelle Nutt – “Storm Riders is a tale of how the wild west would look if the future came for a visit”Three destinies three paths for each decision a person makes but if one of the roads becomes tangled a Storm “Storm Riders iNs collideSamantha Skelley and Denny Randeli are sent to Bodie California one of the wildest towns of the west It should have been an easy snatch and rescue but Ace McTavish is determined to put himself in harms way Samantha and Denny are forced to help him w. #Review Storm Riders by Karen Michelle NuttStorm Rider Samantha Skelly’s mission is to mend rifts in time Sent on the power of a thunderstorm to 1879 to rescue Ace McTavish is one job Save the package mend the rift and leave without any personal exchange Everything is fine until she poses as a local ‘lady of the night’ and kisses Ace Their attraction is instant Sparks fly as Sam fights to keep her distance despite her growing passionAce is thankful he’s been saved from hanging but he can’t leave without his kidnapped niece He understands there is no future for him with a woman from the future but loves her anyway Sam and her partner reluctantly agree to help him save his niece since it will keep the rift closedKaren Michelle Nutt has provided an interesting and satisfying read She ties up all the threads of the story and leaves the reader with a happy ending

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Ith his plans before they take the next storm ride homeSamantha and Ace’s attraction for each other sparks into forbidden territory both knowing their relationship can never be However fate may surprise the star crossed lovers and rewrite the passage of tim. “Storm Riders” by Karen Michelle Nutt isn’t your typical western It is a western steampunk tale that takes the readers into a small town called Bodie a town with a bad reputation Ace McTavish is being accused of murdering his brother and niece Samantha “Sammy” skelley and her Storm Rider partner Denny Randeli are in Bodie to fix a rift in time The rift is the path that Ace is being pushed down by an outside force With some out right bad guys and a little romance Mrs Nutt takes the reader down a dangerous road that we might not ever come back from One of the many things that I loved about this book was the mythology behind the Storm Riders They are a special breed of humans born to ride the storms and fix any problems that cause rifts in time Now who doesn’t think that sound Amazing Another reason I enjoyed this read was because of the sense of realism and truth to the characters Ace and Sammy are chasing bad guys feeling lust for each other and dealing with an overprotective partner throughout the whole story This of course made things interesting Now this was the first time travel romance that I have ever read so I may be a little biased but I thoroughly enjoyed it Now don’t get me wrong I am NOT new to the romance genre I have been reading romance for many years and “Storm Riders” has a talent that many of the romance novels I have read lately were lacking With history and myth you can’t help but falling in love with everything about this book It is a very creatively descriptive story with a humorous twist Karen Michelle Nutt deserves a round of applause for her most recent Time Travel romance “Storm Riders” This uote from the About the Author section conveys exactly what I’m trying to get across here “Whether your reading fancy is paranormal historical or time travel all her stories capture the rich array of emotions that accompany the most fabulous human phenomena—falling in love” I fully recommend Storm Riders to anyone who loves a cute and heated romance with a suspenseful twist which will leave you wanting Originally reviewed on Night Owl Reviews

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Storm Riders“Storm Riders is a tale of how the wild west would look if the future came for a visit”Three destinies three paths for each decision a person makes but if one of the roads becomes tangled a Storm Rider must step in and repair the rift before the dimensio. In Storm Riders author Karen Michelle Nutt offers up a satisfying time travel western romance In the future a time travel division is set up to smooth out the snarls of the past Heroine Samantha and her partner Denny pop into the old west to save the package otherwise known as Ace McTavish McTavish has been set up for murder and the time travelers save him from the hangman's noose Ace is a delightful mix of rogue gentleman and Highlander whereas Samantha blends femininity and warrior princess Although Samantha fights her growing attraction to the packageAce doesn't make it easy Knowing her time is growing short Samantha teams up with Ace and Denny for one last caper before she and Denny must return to their own timelineI found the historical detail in Storm Riders to be gritty and authentic and the addition of the Highlander Ace was a delightful twist The partner Denny was well fleshed out and lent a charming addition to the story Samantha was a very appealing character I enjoyed very much Nutt also provides a satisfying ending that made the read worthwhile