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Wearing the Spider review Ë 5

review Wearing the Spider

Wearing the Spider review Ë 5 ´ [Ebook] ➨ Wearing the Spider Author Susan Schaab – A female lawyer's identity is hijacked and misused by a ruthless partner of her Manhattan law firm who engages in email impersonation political gamesmanship and electronic forgery to set her up in a s A female lawyer's identity is hMuch troubling impersonation of her email username and unmistakable sabotage of one of her client projects causing a groundswell of doubt within the firm about her competence Once her name is linked to a deal containing a uestionable and possibly illegal arrangement she has no choice but to conduct her own clandestine investigation to clear her name An FBI agent confronts her with tough uestions about murder and fraud for which she has no answers As she searches for the truth the electronic evidence shifts and transforms behind a dynamic veil of security””and certain pieces of the puzzle simply disappear How will she gather tangible evidence to prove her innocence among the elusive clues and carefully woven traps At stake not only her professional reputation and her future with the firm not only a commission worth million””but several lives In this intricately plotted and memorable thriller attorney and former computer consultant Susan Schaab draws on her expertise in intellectual property and technology law as well as computer systems design to create a fast paced and thoroughly believable journey through corruption and intriguean exhilarat. Another legal suspense novel where the entangled lawyer heroine gets out of the web and goes on to bigger and better things There is a bit too much legal jargon and the computer technology involved in the international thievery was over my head The scope is narrow and deep The dispicable villian gets his just dues so I give the book 3 stars Tops

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A female lawyer's identity is hijacked and misused by a ruthless partner of her Manhattan law firm who Wearing the MOBI #194 engages in email impersonation political gamesmanship and electronic forgery to set her up in a scheme that ultimately leads to murder She embarks on a clandestine investigation while dodging the FBI risking her life as well as her careerIt starts with a simple unwanted kissand evolves into a labyrinthine trail of forgery and illusiona hijacked identity a corruption scandal involving a US Senator accused of channeling illegal benefits to a shady South American firmeven kidnapping and murder Wearing the Spider the award winning debut novel by Susan Schaab may be the only novel to combine elements of sexual harassment identity theft and political scandal into one sophisticated plot set in the hard driving corporate culture Evie Sullivan a rising legal star on the fast track to partnership at her respected New York law firm is being set up for a falla BIG fall Besieged initially with seemingly innocuous recordkeeping errors she overhears portions of a shocking telephone conversation Then she is blindsided by discoveries that are. Suspense and intrigue Hard to take a break from reading this most interesting novel Fast paced legal issues and believable Well written mystery with a love interest to boot

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Wearing the SpiderIng joyride that explores the complex relationships in a big city law firm where sexual harassment and manipulation may be common than any statistics suggest “The Devil Wears Prada in legal technicolor A smart thoroughly enjoyable tale” ”“Liz Smith New York Post“Wowa high tech thriller that cracks open the inner workings of a large law firm and leaves one wondering just how often sexual harassment and hostile work environments are tolerated in the corporate worldI highly recommend Wearing the Spider” ”¨”“Heather Froeschl Book Review Journal “Imaginative suspenseful and well thought out Wearing the Spider is a mystery thriller that readers will find hard to put down” ”“Shirley Roe Allbooks Review “confronts us with some of the horrifying truths of our computer age world””¨”“Ross Malde TCM Reviews “The characters are memorable and the vicarious technological insights are very interestingThrilling read””“Jill Stovall Armchair Interviews “It is one of those novels that one finds impossible to put downIf I could have given it a higher score than five stars I would haveIt will keep you on edge until you find. An interesting take on identity theft Instead of simply stealing an identify to defraud the victim this identity theft was created to discredit the victim and destroy her reputation The plot was very sophisticated with a lot of high tech activity set in a law firm The ending was a little vague there was still a lot of unsolved issues