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Summary The Secret Sinclair

Free download The Secret Sinclair ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î [Reading] ➷ The Secret Sinclair By Cathy Williams – The most shocking conseuence of all She didn’t mean to fall for a notorious playboy but Sarah Scott’s head was overruled by Raoul’s skilful seduction YeOn yet another job Sarah is on her knees scrubbing floors when her eyes meet those of her designer clad new boss – the man she’s never been able The Secret PDFEPUB or to forgetRao. An ok story about reunited lovers They met while doing work in Africa Spent 3 months together She fell in love he had other plans for his life The breakup left her heartbroken Five years later she’s working as a cleaner scrubbing the stain out of a carpet when he walks back into her life He’s now accomplished all his goals and is a millionaire She is the mother of the child he didn’t know she had A relationship begins with him thinking his life could stay the same and her terrified that he would break her heart again This all leads to bickering and trying to hide the truth Not exactly an exciting or riveting read While reading I was easily distracted The characters and storyline did not hold my attention It was lukewarm at best Not a keeper for me

Cathy Williams ☆ 5 review

R life Raoul’s legacy continues Sarah is pregnant with the Sinclair heir Five years later single mum Sarah is struggling to make ends meet working as an office cleaner Having taken. The H He was a total moron at the start of the book and for most of it actually and our h was a spineless wimp who needed to grow up but it all came right in the end for our unbelievable couple for the obligatory HEA Honestly don't think they would have been a couple without the secret baby pffff

Summary ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Cathy Williams

The Secret SinclairThe most shocking conseuence of all She didn’t mean to fall for a notorious playboy but Sarah Scott’s head was overruled by Raoul’s skilful seduction Yet after he jets out of he. This is my fifth title by Cathy WilliamsIt starts with a prologue where we are shown a glimpse of Sarah Scott and Raoul Sinclair in Mozambiue and how within a matter of three months during their respective gap years they have a growing attraction between each otherHe has long hair ooh of course later he doesn't and she hasn't even started University while he has finished with it What they had is nothing than a holiday affair for him He grew up in foster care and hence wants to make a name for himself first and not get entangled in a relationship He's leaving in a few days and that's thatThe story then starts five years later where Sarah is a maid and is working hard to clean a particularly stubborn stain from the carpet laid in the Director's floors of an exclusive family bank in London just when Raoul walks over exuding wealth One look at him and she faints Time hasn't been good to her She left the compound just two weeks after he left Instead of becoming a teacher she was there Because she had gotten pregnant and had failed to locate him to even give him the news She was only nineteen then not even aware of her pregnancy till she was five months along Even though her parents were supportive she had been heartbrokenHe literally owned the company whose floors she had been scrubbing less than two hours agoRaoul's meteoric rise in a mere five years is a bit unbelievable That they are shocked to see each other is an understatement He refuses to believe that Oliver is his son But with time to think he concludes that it may well be true and pays Sarah a visit Not growing up with family it was endearing and infuriating to see Raoul think about a four year old his habits mannerisms etc Also there is this old familiar chit chatty vibe between Raoul and Sarah that was like a breath of fresh air in a Harleuin book There is no domineering riffraff here rather Raoul's humble beginnings make him determined to give love to his son along with respect to SarahSarah wouldn’t want her to find out via her grandchild that the heartbreaker and callous reprobate was now aroundIt was heartbreaking to see Raoul not able to bond with Oliver at first And this book took it real slow in the bonding stakes which I guess is how it works in reality too But of course everyone is differentshe was so damned open honest and vibrant that she demanded him to engage far than he was naturally inclined to She didn’t tiptoe around him and she didn’t make any attempts to edit her personality to please himHe's still afraid of commitment though till the very end of the story At least it appears that way And with little to no intimacy between the protagonists this tale was rather blandPS Why the cradle snatcher cover though Because Raoul is three four tops years older than Sarah