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Zejde heeft één moeder Judith en drie mogelijke vaders Een van hen Jakob schenkt Judith zijn verzameling van duizend gel. I have discovered this book when browsing and I was intrigued by the comparison to Maruez and Murakami both authors I appreciate greatly in the reviews The title of the book and the synopsis this is a story of a boy who has three fathers instantly caught my interest This is a first time ever I have read a book by an Israeli author and I have liked it a lot so much that I am going to look up and read his other books too I don't want to give no spoilers but this is a very human story somewhat sheltered although not completely from the turpitudes of history and political events affecting the country and the world the story describes village life that is on one hand ordinary and on the other hand magical I have immensely enjoyed the variety and complexity of characters in the story each with their uirks and wounds and peculiarities which makes them great and funny and moving all at the same time I have laughed and cried and I did not get the chance to be bored for one second The author manages to keep the suspense alive through the whole book mainly by asking the uestion who is the real father of the child but somehow after reading for a while you ae so attached t all the characters you almost don't want to know you want to keep them all togetherI also very much liked the end not at all what I had expected which is very refreshing I have finished reading the book with a smile and a feeling that all is well although this has not exactly been a classic happy ending I still don't understand how the author has managed this but it was very smoothly doneMy personal favourite bits about the book in addition to this are the little Yiddish expressions and songs they seem strangely familiar to my czech ears reminiscences about Ukraine and the important role of nature water birds cows farming and trees which bring eually good and bad things Finally I have to agree Meir Shalev is an author to watch out for

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כימים אחדיםRuiloft Hij leert dansen naait een trouwjurk en bestelt een rabbi in de veronderstelling dat ze dan wel móet komen opdage. I loved the way this story was told almost in circles slowly getting to the crucial point It is the story of the love of three men for one woman the mother of their son The story covers 30 odd years from the twenties to the fifties and takes place in a village in the Yizrael valley The woman is Judith and the men are Moshe Rabinovitz a strong silent widowed farmer in whose stable she lives the cattle dealer Gluberman and Yakov Scheinfeld expert in cooking sewing charming and dance And others the wife of Ranovitz his son his daughter and this sister and her family accountant Livkin Rachel the cow an Italian refugee ravens and canaries the angel of death an old green truck a swelling river and big eucalyptus trees

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Free read Ô כימים אחדים Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã [Reading] ➬ כימים אחדים ➳ Meir Shalev – Zejde heeft één moeder Judith en drie mogelijke vaders Een van hen Jakob schenkt Judith zijn verzameling van duizend geleE kanaries en vraagt haar ten huwelijk Hoewel zij weigert met hem te trouwen treft hij toch alle voorbereidingen voor de b. Shalev is one of my most favorite living authors and this is like the others a very unusual and wonderfully written book It feels though a little distant than say The Blue Mountain or Two She Bearsand I can't put my finger on why It might be the translation The story is a lot less cohesive than his other novels too so that might play a roleThe plot an Israeli guy remembers his mother and his three fathers through a series of meals orchestrated by one of those fathers every 12 years or so His paternity is unknown and all three fathers claim him as their son Like all of Shalev's work the folksy wackiness of a small village in the Mandate period and just a little after is the core here with a wide array of funny characters and an almost folkloric and daft sense of magical humor Probably not one I'd recommend for the Shalev virgin but fine in it's own right