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Ty through Ralph Tailors MOBI #194 the eyes of a man who stayed as others fled the scrivener Ralph TailorAs a scrivener Tailor was responsible for many of the wills and inventories of his fellow citizens By listening to and writing down the final wishes of the dying the young scrivener often became the principal provider of comfort in p. I wrote a very long and glowing review about this book and so rather than repeat myself here's the link to what I called a Masterful Microhistory

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Ralph Tailors SummerEople’s last hours Drawing on the rich records left by Tailor during the course of his work along with many other sources Keith Wrightson vividly reconstructs life in the early modern city during a time of crisis and envisions what such a calamitous decimation of the population must have meant for personal familial and social relation. A micro history focusing on one scrivener and his work during plague years writing wills inventories etc the material is stretched a bit thin in places but I found the material fascinating Accompanying illustrations are appropriate and enlightening

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Read Ralph Tailors Summer 107 Ï [Reading] ➶ Ralph Tailors Summer By Keith Wrightson – One man's life in the plague his record of the calamitous decimation of a city where nearly half the people died and its sometimes surprising impact on families and communities The plague outbreak of One man's life in the plague his recorOne man's life in the plague his record of the calamitous decimation of a city where nearly half the people died and its sometimes surprising impact on families and communities The plague outbreak of in Newcastle upon Tyne was one of the most devastating in English history This hugely moving study looks in detail at its impact on the ci. I had to read and review this book for University so I thought I'd post my review hereWriting a history like Ralph Tailor’s Summer has many limitations and benefits ‘History From Below’ is a history told from the point of view of common people While most histories focus on the well known people of the time like the royal or the rich ‘people’s history’ deals with the less famous but eually important everyday people Keith Wrightson’s book is a microhistory focusing on the life of one man living during the plague outbreak of 1636 Ralph Tailor was a scrivener living in the town of Newcastle upon Tyne in the seventeenth century He wrote for a living a lucrative business at the time because most people couldn’t read or write During the plague many people died but before they died they had to put their affairs in order This involved making a will Ralph Tailor was the man to write those wills Many of the wills and inventories he wrote during the plague of 1636 have survived and these are the prime resources used by Keith Wrightson for his book The amount of detail in these wills and inventories illuminates many social political and religious customs of the time It is fortunate that these documents have survived for so long and that Keith Wrightson was able to find them and bring them to lightThere are many limitations regarding the accuracy and depth of histories told from ‘the people’s’ perspective Often there is a vast time period between the event studied and the present therefore much of the original information is lost to the ages Documents can be lost damaged or destroyed if any documentation was made in the first place Therefore it is difficult to compile a complete history of an event If there are gaps concerning certain events often the only way to fill them is with speculation and even an educated guess is still a guess and cannot be relied upon to be exactThat being said there is many benefits to writing a history of the common people The poor underprivileged and neglected people of history have just as much right to have their story told than the rich and fortunate people Their stories give you sense of what it was really like to be a normal person living in another time Having a first person account of an event no matter how small is that much important and special We know about the lives of kings because their existence is documented but having information on the average lives of people gives a much richer perspective on how the majority lived I think the benefits of writing a history in this style far out way the limitations because the lives of the common people are just as fascinating and much relatable Reading a history like this reminds people that on the whole society has not changed very much through the ages and many of the ideas cares and hopes of normal people in the past mirror those of the present and future I think Keith Wrightson's book is a marvellous story about an ordinary person living in an extraordinary time