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review A Head Girl's Difficulties Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ A Head Girl's Difficulties By Elinor M. Brent-Dyer ✐ – Rosamund Atherton is nervously contemplating becoming the youngest ever Head Girl of St Peters when she learns that the Head Miss Catcheside has bY decide to carry on do their best with the coming term Rosamund urges that St Peter's should beat all of its previous records in all sport hobby and examination activities. Unusually for EBD's school stories this book covers an entire scholastic year We get the chance to see events play out over a longer period than is usually possible in one of EBD's school volumes and also to see perhaps a naturalist change of attitude for a character such as Allegra towards her sister Another unusual feature of this story is that there are a number of characters who lose their lives some readers may find it noteworthy that the deaths are divided by class with the upper classes suffering far fewer casualties than the lower classes for whom a total number of fatalities is not even provided However the key elements of the story are very much in keeping with ideas typical to EBD's school stories the challenges of authority jokes and tricks school work and friendship

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Rosamund Atherton is nervously contemplating becoming the youngest ever Head Girl of St Peters when she learns that the Head Miss Catcheside has been seriously injured in a. My cover shows the sixth formers being chased by cats but the contents are the same You can't help but like Rosamund the head girl of the title but it's clear EBD hadn't really got the hang of writing a book when she produced this Or I suppose she had entirely got the hang of writing a book the way she was going to write one random events sudden announcements shot by shot descriptions of tennis matches vaste swathes of unintentional humour arising from its complete bonkersness This is classic EBD and she's only two books in to her careerRosamund is the youngest head girl for like ever That's her first fairly obvious 'difficulty' although nothing is subseuently made of this there's no 'Huh I should have been head girl' sub plotThe gorgeous headmistress is out of action That's her second difficulty But the senior mistress takes charge competently so we don't get that sub plot eitherThe previous two head girls have been rubbish in different ways so the Tone of the School has suffered EBD almost tacks this difficulty on as an afterthought but of course it's the one that forms the backbone of the plot brought to the fore by two new girls who lower the Tone of the School still furtherRosamund then calmly announces her intentions for the yearWin all our matchesCome out head in all the public examsRaise the tone of the school fifty per cent and make a huge success of everything we undertake'Ambitious' doesn't begin to describe this I think she needs to do some work on making her objectives 'SMART' 'make a huge success of everything we undertake' is frankly far too vague and I'm not sure there are any previous calculations regarding the Tone of the School against which raising it by 50% can be assessed So Rosamund really brings this difficulty upon herself But there's There's no humour in the outbreak of diptheria but after this the prefects are faced with an outbreak of rampant sentimentality; girls are 'turning floppy' This is a serious issue another local school took than a year to get everything back to normal 'Suppose we're in for an attack like that'Indeed Well at St Peter's they sort it out in a matter of weeks because Rosamund is made of Good Stuff We know this because given the slightest opportunity eg a house fire an important tennis match or a prize winning essay to write she immediately behaves like a heroineEBD is still cramming events in as though she might never get to write another book a habit I'm not sure she ever entirely lost so there's also a financial recovery a play brought to an unexpected end when the audience catches fire a scholarship award and the headmistress's engagement all within the final two chapters It's no wonder Rosamund needs to go and have a lie down at the end For readers I'd also advise a stiff drink

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A Head Girl's DifficultiesTrain accident and will not be returning to school that term The prefects are A Head PDF or shaken but after an encouraging talk from the Senior Mistress Miss Phillips the. Set in the 1920s this is the second book in Brent Dyer's lesser known 'La Rochelle' series for teenage girls It features the decidedly difficult year faced by Rosamund head girl of St Peter's school Accidents serious illness and various other problems beset those around her but she copes well on the whole and matures considerably Not just the style and language but some of the concepts seem remarkably dated ninety years later; in particular the great contempt shown for any hint of 'sentimentality' An essay at the start of the book by a modern writer examines this along with an apparently callous attitude to child mortality While I've read others in the 'La Rochelle' series at least thirty years ago I don't recall ever having read this book which was long out of print until 'Girls Gone By' re published it in 2008 with the original text and some of the original illustrations As well as the introductory essay there is a short and moving related story at the end It probably wouldn't appeal to most of today's teenagers but it's a nice piece of nostalgia for anyone who has enjoyed the lengthy 'Chalet School' series by the same author