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My Confession Recollections of a Rogue Free read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ ➵ My Confession Recollections of a Rogue Download ➾ Author Samuel E. Chamberlain – Samuel Chamberlain's My Confession is a classic ribald tale of nineteenth century life Perhaps the beNg to his Confession he seduced countless women in the US and Mexico never missed a fandango fought gallantly against Mexican guerrillas and rode with the First Dragoons into the Battle of Buena Vista His Confession Recollections of PDFEPUB #190 remarkable story is pure melodrama but Goetzmann has proven by his painstaking research that much of it is trueThe editor's annotations are a valuable contribution to an account that virtually every historian of the Mexican War has used. I began reading this around the time I began reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy which was inspired by the final chapters of this bookOriginally I started reading an edition published in the 1950s which I borrowed from the Detroit Public Library I began with the chapters that inspired Blood Meridian the end of the book then continued from Chapter 1 That specific book was stolen when I returned it yet another Detroit treasure lost to bandits I suppose it's ironic considering the subject matter of the bookThis edition which I currently have on inter library loan from Alma College is excellent The brief but thorough introduction by the Texas Historical Association provides the perfect context for this account Many people have taken issue with the fact that other historic records conflict with Samuel Chamberlain's purported memoir The introduction to this book beckons the reader to take this book as history rather than analysis of history As with any memoir I'm talking to you Theodore Roosevelt things will be changed or left out altogether While this does diminish its value as a historic record it does not diminish its value as history Keep in mind that this book was written by a confessed scalp hunter late in his life A scalp hunter who survived and participated in numerous massacres and lived into ripe and respectable old age It's not an almanac It's a story Take it as suchI would close by noting that I am very excited to finish this very interesting story This wonderful edition by the Texas Historic Society includes reprints of the original pages along with a transliteration for easy reading Well done Texas Historic Society Well done

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Samuel Chamberlain's My Recollections of Epub #217 Confession is a classic ribald tale of nineteenth century life Perhaps the best written account of a soldier's adventures and misadventures in the Mexican War and its aftermath this unexpurgated edition is now available for the first time complete with over of Chamberlain's wonderful textual illustrations reproduced in full color If you enjoyed the Chamberlain paintings assembled in Sam Chamberlain's Mexican WarThe San Jacinto. Spoilers for this book and Blood Meridian followLet's be honest The only reason you'll read this book is if you're obsessed with Cormac McCarthy's masterful Blood Meridian as I am Otherwise I would not have sought out this obscure book that sells for no less than a hundred bucks But it has the uniue distinction of being the primary inspiration for one of the best novels by a living writer and so I sought and so I readBlood Meridian is a bleak and violent fictional account of the historical Glanton gang a band of scalphunters hired by the Mexican government to kill Comanche warriors Long story short the gang gets greedy starts killing everyone and comes to a bad end The main character in the book is known only as the kid short on biography and personality mostly just a witness to everything that happens and the main antagonist pretty much everyone is an antagonist actually is Judge Holden Now to say Chamberlain's book is McCarthy's primary inspiration is a bit misleading Blood Meridian's inspiration can't really be confined to a single book as it draws from Dante the Bible Moby Dick Paradise Lost proto Christian gnostic texts c But Chamberlain is the primary historical source for the novel's nonfictional characters and events Chamberlain is the kid; Glanton is Glanton; Tobin appears as do several other characters But most importantly this is the only historical reference to Judge Holden who seems nearly as terrifying in the historical account as in McCarthy's novelThe first three uarters of the book were of little interest to me through no fault of its own It is a gripping bildungsromantic memoir about Chamberlain's military experience during the Mexican American war But my mind was so singly tracked that it wasn't until he deserted and joined up with the Glanton gang of scalphunters that my attention was really piued Out of 300 pages here is the main payoffThe second in command now left in charge of the camp was a man of gigantic size called 'Judge' Holden of Texas Who or what he was no one knew but a cooler blooded villain never went unhung; he stood six feet six in his moccasins had a large fleshy frame a dull tallow colored face destitute of hair and all expression His desires was blood and women and terrible stories were circulated in camp of horrid crimes committed by him when bearing another name in the Cherokee nation and Texas; and before we left Frontreras a little girl of ten years was found in the chapperal foully violated and murdered The mark of a huge hand on her little throat pointed him out as the ravisher as no other man had such a hand but though all suspected no one charged him with the crimeHolden was by far the best educated man in northern Mexico; he conversed with all in their own language spoke in several Indian lingos at a fandango would take the Harp or Guitar from the hands of the musicians and charm all with his wonderful performance and out waltz any poblana of the ball He was 'plum centre' with rifle or revolver a daring horseman acuainted with the nature of all the strange plants and their botanical names great in Geology and Mineralogy in short another Admirable Crichton and with all an arrant coward Not but that he possessed enough courage to fight Indians and Mexicans or anyone where he had the advantage in strength skill and weapons but where the combat would be eual he would avoid it if possible I hated him at first sight and he knew it yet nothing could be gentle and kind than his deportment towards me; he would often seek conversation with me and speak of Massachusetts and to my astonishment I found he knew about Boston than I didJudge Holden mounted a rock for a rostrum and gave us a scientific lecture on Geology The Scalp Hunters grouped in easy attitudes listened to the Literati with marked attention The whole formed an assemblage worthy of the pencil of Salvator Rosa Holden's lecture no doubt was very learned but hardly true for one statement he made was that million of years had witnessed the operation producing the result around us which Glanton with recollections of the Bible teaching his young mind had undergone said was a d d lieThe judge of Chamberlain's account has in common with McCarthy's than I expected The fictional judge's description was lifted straight from history huge and hairless with an aptitude for music dance and violence and a mind for science and arcane trivia The only difference is a significant one however the historical judge was only a man a villain; McCarthy made him a straight up demonIf you can get a hold of this book and you're a fan of McCarthy it is well worth your time to read the last forty pages to witness the historical characters and events for yourself You'll get to see several scalpings Glanton's end at the Colorado River ferry crossing and a tense showdown in the desert between the judge and Sam Chamberlain

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My Confession Recollections of a RogueMuseum of History Paintings you will be fascinated by the tale in My Confession that goes with it and beyond it into My Confession PDFEPUBChamberlain's adventures with the scalp hunting Glanton Gang the story that Cormac McCarthy used as the basis for his celebrated novel Blood Meridian My Confession is the story of Samuel Chamberlain a Boston boy who hoped to be a theological student but could not control his amorous and pugilistic inclinations and so left for the West Accordi. I just finished this and enjoyed it far than I expected I would He handles some very horrifying situations and yet I didn't feel like reading them left a scar on my brain like so many books do these days At the end I was very surprised that his wife let him name his daughters after women he had known in Mexico His drawings were fascinating and added so much interest I was surprised he was able to keep up with his sketch book and pencils or pens I recommend this for everyone