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review ¹ The Bride's Awakening 104 ä [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Bride's Awakening By Kate Hewitt – Vittorio Ralfino the Count of Cazlevara is back in Italy to make a business proposition He wishes to marry a traditional wife and Anamaria Viale—sturdy plain and from a good vintner's family—perfect Vittorio Ralfino theVittorio Ralfino the Count of Cazlevara is back in Italy to make a business proposition He wishes to The Bride's PDF or marry a traditional wife and Anamaria Viale—sturdy plain and from a good vintner's family—perfectly. Anamaria is a daughter of a winery owner and she dedicated her life to making wine She is terribly insecure about her looks mainly because of the way men treated her She simply doesn't fit the picture of an ideal woman She is tall full figured and plain and she dresses badly simply because she believes that nothing can be beautiful on her Ana gave up on love marriage and kids a long time ago And then came VittorioVittorio Ralfino the Count of Cazlevara is a playboy Something his mother said prompted him to marry He chose Ana because she was loyal and she knows wines He is emotionally scarred because of his childhood which was a battlefield He believes he can't love Of course he is wrong It was a nice story the development of the relationship is one of the good points They didn't just jump in bed but waited until they begun to care about each other Ana's relationship with her father is nice too But there were a few things that bothered me Firstly in the beginning when Vittorio was thinking of Ana he did so with disgust which was unsettling Secondly his family The entire subplot about them just felt wrong especially the way he changed his mind It just bothered meI was going to give the book 3 stars but I do love Plain Jane stories and Vittorio did get better so Rating375 stars

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S under no illusion that this is anything but a convenient marriage—Vittorio will never offer her love So when the time comes for him to claim her as his bride she's surprised—and amazed—at the strength of his passion…. It started promisingly but I found the pacing off balance The set up to the marriage seemed to go on forever and then the marriage itself got relatively little development even though this is when most of the relationship building happens The final crisis and resolution got really short shrift Ultimately the idea that these two characters cared about each other at all was not entirely convincing

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The Bride's AwakeningFits his billAna is stunned that Vittorio is offering her—an ugly duckling—marriage She'd stoically resigned herself to a career and singledomBut Vittorio is persuasive and Ana would like a child of her own Although she'. Vittorio thinking now about his inheritance and keeping it away from his conniving mother and brother begins to contemplate marriage He's refuses to consider love since it's been withheld from him all his life anyway So he chooses his bride based on her loyalty her sensibility and knowledge of the wine making business He chooses Annamaria Viale She knows he has to be kidding asking her to marry him when she knows damn well he isn't attracted to her and claims he couldn't love her But he's a genuinely nice guy and Anna having experienced some awful rejection in her past begins to wonder if she can't just do without love It isn't until she's already married and trapped in her marriage that she starts to realize that she fell in love with her husband who still claims that he cannot possibly love her This one has a lot of refreshing aspects to it First of all is that our heroine really isn't attractive to the hero when he meets her He describes her as mannish and maybe overweight and figures she'll be easy to charm with her plain looks and awful fashion sense Underneath it all she is actually kinda pretty but she hides it with awful clothes What I liked though was that he found himself attracted to her despite believing she wasn't beautiful And she refused to be his makeover project so he didn't get to see her in pretty clothes I found myself disappointed though that even though he'd sorta been falling in love with Anna Vittorio didn't open himself up to it and loosen up with her ie didn't give into his passion for her until after he'd seen her in beautiful feminine clothes she ended up being her OWN makeover project I guess I didn't want her appearance to be the deciding factorI could have handled it if the focus had been on her change of confidence or demeanor but it was totally about how she looked It was just slightly disappointing for me I also found it interesting about her father's role in her marriagehe very much supported her marrying without love remembering how his love for his wife had been uncomfortable because he'd loved her so much and I guess he was trying to spare her that First time a parent pushing a child into a loveless marriage actually felt believable to me I did really enjoy the hero's journey through all of this He started out thinking of the heroine as a possessiona wife to be obtained rather than a person whose feelings and happiness he was going to be a part of He really did suddenly become aware that he had put himself in the position to hurt her and everything thereafter became about trying to avoid thatwhich ended up hurting her He also pulls off a decent grovel Overall this was a pretty interesting read but the heroine's insecurities were a bit much for me