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A Monster Like Me Free read × 2 î ❰Reading❯ ➿ A Monster Like Me Author Wendy S. Swore – There are trolls goblins and witches Which kind of monster is SophieSophie is a monster expert Thanks to her Big Book of Monsters and her vivid imagination Sophie can identify the monsters in her scho There are t??s new best friend is obviously a fairy But what about Sophie She’s convinced she is definitely a monster because of the “monster mark” on her face At least that’s what she calls it The doctors call it a blood tumor Sophie tries to hide it but it covers almost half her face And if she’s a monster on the outside then she. Oh my goodness the premise of a little girl thinking that people see her as a monster because of her facial hemangioma was so heartbreaking I just wanted to fold Sophie into a big hug all the way through A beautifully written story by an author has personally experienced many of Sophie’s challenges because of her own hermangiona growing upMemorable uotesPg 6 “Hey look kids That girl doesn’t even need a costume for Halloween She’s already got one” This was said by an adult woman in a store who had children of her own😢😡

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Must be a monster on the inside tooBeing the new kid at school is hard Being called a monster is even harder Sophie knows that it’s only a matter of time before the other kids the doctors and even her mom figure it out And then her mom will probably leave just like her dad didBecause who would want to live with a real monster. The description of A Monster Like Me is kind of awkward We're told that Sophie can identify monsters Some are bullies and trolls and goblins but does the mention of fairies within that framework tell us that she thinks they too are monsters I'm going to go along with the use of the word but doing so is unsettling when the monsters are Native characters Eually unsettling is that A Monster Like Me got a starred review from Booklist Sophie has a hemangioma on her face The author Wendy S Swore had one on her forehead which is why some of the promotional materials say the story is inspired by real events in the author's life The story is set in Portland Oregon Most people know that there are many Native nations in the place currently known as Oregon In chapter thirteen Ghostly Falls Sophie her friend Autumn and her mom are at Multnomah Falls As they walk on the trail Sophie sees something in a puddle and picks it up p 127A picture of a beautiful Native American girl in a white dress stares back at me from the soggy flier with the headline Princess of Multnomah Falls Gently I turn it over but the print is dirty and hard to read What did you find Mom peeks over my shoulder Oh the legend of the falls I always liked that oneThe paper says something about a princess Autumn points to the faded image I didn't even know there was a king here No king laughs Mom She was the Multnomah chieftain's daughterWith a gasp Autumn claps her hands A princess and a chief How romanticHer mom goes on to tell her that people were dying of a great sickness The chief called his council and best warriors together to find a cure p 127Then an old medicine man told them the only way to save the tribe was to sacrifice a young woman by throwing her off the mountain to appease the Great SpiritSophie's mom tells her that at that time there was no waterfall there The chief didn't want to sacrifice any of the girls but then his daughter's betrothed got sick The daughterprincess decided to save him and everyone So she jumped Sad the chief asked the Great Spirit for a sign that his daughter was p 128safe in the land of the spirits That's when water started flowing over the top of the cliff Sophie has the story of the princess in her mind as they walk on the trail At the top she holds to the railing and peers over p 129Someone walks up beside me and thin white gauze brushes my face I brush it away and scoot over so the lady's dress doesn't blow into me again Then I freeze as I take in her wispy white dress and long black hair Her face looks different than it does in the picture but the ghost of a Native American princess can probably look however she wants to lookThe woman starts talking to Sophie pointing with her chin telling her that she had fought alongside fireman when the lodge was on fire Sophie wonders if the fireman knew that the spirit of a Native American princess was standing beside them adding her magic to the fight that night She wonders if her mom and Autumn can see the woman The woman is wearing a pendant that is a crystal nestled in gold leaves Sophie asks if it is magic The woman says it is to her because she had made it herself and that the magic worked for her When the woman touches Sophie she feels a jolt of electricity She's never been touched by a ghost before Autumn and her mom rush up beside her looking over the railing too Sophie asks Autumn p 131Did you see her I whisper in her earSee whoThe princess I point down the trail and gaspThe path is emptyDebbie's comments The path is empty is the last sentence in that chapter So one uestion is this one Is that Princess of Multnomah Falls a story that Native people toldtell Or is it a White Man's Indian I use that phrase from time to time borrowing it from Berkhofer's book The White Man's Indian It is an account of the self serving stereotypes Europeans and white Americans have concocted about the “Indian” and manipulated to its western civilizations benefit I've spent the afternoo

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A Monster Like MeThere are trolls goblins and witches Which kind of monster is SophieSophie is a A Monster Kindle monster expert Thanks to her Big Book of Monsters and her vivid imagination Sophie can identify the monsters in her school and neighborhood Clearly the bullies are trolls and goblins Her nice neighbor must be a good witch and Sophie?. Re read July 2020Even better than I rememberedOriginal review February 2019Such a lovely book about acceptance and inclusionSophie has a wonderful imagination that layers onto her existing realityI was fascinated with her inner monologue; such curiosities revealedEveryone should experience Sophie's enchanting thoughtsThank you NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing for this ARC