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Doc Û ´ Stephenie Meyer Evocably in love with himDeeply seductive and extraordinarily suspenseful Twilight is a love story with bite Ohhh yeah I made a BookTube Video all about my scandalously unpopular twilight opinions check out the video to see itif you dareAnyway onwards to the review So my review might be a bit biasedThis was my first and only major episode of fangirling I owned a tshirt vegetarian vampire so edgy I saw the first movie an embarrassingly high number of times in theater I judged people based off of Team Edward or Team Jacob for the record Edward in the books Jacob in the moviesEven now than 10 years later I still absolutely adore this first book there's too many good feelings I tried so so hard to look at this book with my sophisticated grown up eyes to see past all the trite plotholes and develop a good sound hatred of Twilight I just can't I live for this series So just keep in mind where I am coming from when I decided to reread this one My overwhelming realization Bella should probably be hospitalized There is no way she doesn't have some inner ear or traumatic brain injury There is no physically relevant way a seventeen year old could be that unbalanced It defies all logic It's like every time I turned the page there'd she go Falling Again You really should stay away from me The other overwhelming realization Rosalie was the voice of reason I remember absolutely hating her because she was the only one who stood between Edward and Bella How dare she not love that they're in love Well now that I'm older it's of YOU'RE ONLY SEVENTEEN AND HE'S A HUNDRED YEARS OLDER Team Rosalie the voice of reason all the wayDespite everything the cheesy uotes the terribly unrealistic portrayal of love and the big sparkling plot holes I can't help it I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with himMe falling in love with this book all over again Ps Still got that 10 yr old vegetarian vampire shirt in the back of my closetPchokengtitiktitikchokengs yes That's my original Twilight copy literally worn away from my multiple rereadsAudiobook CommentsWell read by Ilyana Kadushin though I wish the guy voices were a bit distinct when the girl reader said them They were all just slightly deeper version of girl voices Not much variation in toneinflection The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge A book made into a movie you've already seenYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads

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Download Twilight Book Ë 501 pages Ï Feedmarkformulate × ❴PDF❵ ✈ Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer – About three things I was absolutely positiveFirst Edward was a vampireSecond there was a part of him—and I didn't know how dominant that part might be—that thirste About three things I was absolutely positiveFirst Edward was a vampireSecond there was a part of him and I d Actual rating 15 stars Believe it or not there are actually a few books that are worse than TwilightOk funny story I was sitting on my couch with my husband last night finishing up Twilight I slammed the book shut and began rubbing my temples Then my husband goes So you finally finished huh Yes I can't believe I used to like this book I said Hahaha Yeah I remember you were on Twilight's balls hard Yeah yeah yeahThere isn't a single book on my shelf that has fluctuated between all ratings besides Twilight No your eyes do not deceive you I actually have read Twilight 4 times I used to hail from Shelfaricom and the first rating I ever gave Twilight was 5 stars After I made the switch to GoodReads I decided to give it 4 stars instead So recently I was browsing my GoodReads shelf I often do that to clean up ratings I noticed Twilight was sitting pretty at 4 stars and was on my favorites shelf At the time I thought Wow that's not accurate at all Maybe it deserves 3 stars But I uickly decided no no noI'll just do a fun little project and re read the series and give them all better ratings If your curious about the details of the project stop on over here Project Hindsight And hey if you like what you see won't you subscribe Yes end shameless self promotion The coolest thing about re reading Twilight is that it has caused me to create really cool new shelves such asKill me now Idiot heroine This is not literature And my personal favorite Where's my chocolate One of the first things I noticed during this re read was how incredibly boring it was Bella is dull as a doorknob And the first few chapters of the book are essentially a 'Bitch Moan Complain' session So we have Bella moving to Forks WA because she wants her mother to be happy on that later And she's all like Ohhhh I hate this place It's green Ewww it's wet Fuck my life And what's one of the first things Bella does when she arrives in Forks She cooks Charlie dinner No I don't have an issue with a female character enjoying cooking but it is practically thrown in my face that Charlie can't fend for himself; Bella has to cook Well what the hell was he doing before she arrived Oh ya did anyone else realize that despite the fact that she says she is not allowed to call Charlie by his first name; she almost always calls him Charlie WTF Bella goes to school and during lunch she first cast her eyes on the Cullen family view spoiler hide spoiler

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TwilightIdn't know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my bloodAnd third I was unconditionally and irr I really enjoy lively details There's nothing better than knowing an author has really thought about her characters and situations and come up with some surprising and delightful detail that makes the whole reading experience fuller Lively details you understand pointless details are a nightmare to read I don't need to know that Bella ate a granola bar for breakfast I REALLY DON'T Notice that I remembered the granola bar I think this is partly because I was fervently hoping it would have significance Like she would spectacularly choke on her oatmeal the next day and think AH I should have had a granola bar like yesterdayShow don't tell is not the be all and end all of writing There's a little thing called summary narrative It's beautiful; it facilitates plot progression without having to follow your narrator through 24 fucking hours of a day and watch as she eats a fucking granola bar for breakfastI've seen this novel accused of Mary Sue ism and um yeah any character named Isabella Swan seems destined to be a Mary Sue But honestly I wouldn't begrudge a semi autobiographical story if it actually had any of the realism of autobiography All the high schoolteenage stuff honestly made me boggle Because that's not what high school is like That's not what being seventeen is like Twilight reads like well it reads like a thirtysomething who has no recollection of being 17 Bella has all the emotional maturity of a 32 year old and that's just not remotely believable Meyer is not a bad writer She has the ability to string words together Unfortunately she lacks any kind of flair There was no original description; no truly evocative language Twilight reads like Meyer has read a lot of mediocre novels and regurgitated the same kind of language onto the page There is just nothing exciting to the language The dialogue is awful not only uninspiring and lacking in wit but it's all the same There's no difference in speech patterns to the characters; no awareness of personal tics The characterization is wafer thin see above re Mary Sue The plotting is terrible the novel trundles along at a slow pace for 250 pages and then Meyer seems to suddenly realize she needs a climax and the gears shift abruptly and the reader is caught up in a series of ridiculous contrivances that set up Meyer's final set piece which by the way I saw coming a mile awayThis is such a profoundly antifeminist novel And it's funny because I think Meyer has no idea that it's antifeminist I mean she has a female heroine A heroine who reads Austen and writes essays about misogyny in Shakespeare Surely she's kicking butt for all womankind Um no She cooks she cleans she looks after the man in her life She needs male characters to protect her from the big bad scary world She falls headfirst into a disturbingly dysfunctional relationship with a man 90 years her senior without the slightest amount of worrySeriously BellaEdward What's that all about I don't get the attraction He has her in his thrall She is let me uote unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him and after like a week oO She's consumed by him; she's willing to sacrifice her life for him and that's romantic I just think it's a bit sick really You know what I find romantic Human warmth Not sweeping dramatic statements of everlasting and overarching love Little sweet moments of connection that ring true That's something Twilight's apparently epic love story is sorely lacking in Did I say Bella has the emotional maturity of a 32 year old Well except when it comes to Edward There she has the emotional maturity of a dumb dog