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mobi µ The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ð Paperback read ☆ feedmarkformulate ô ❴EPUB❵ ✼ The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Author Robert Louis Stevenson – Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the originA novella written by the famous Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson that was Robert Louis Stevenson was a man who knew how to play his audience Utterson the primary point of view character for this novel is a classic Victorian gentleman; he is honest noble and trustworthy; he is the last reputable acuaintance of down going men like Henry Jekyll So by having a character who evokes the classic feelings of Victorian realism narrate the abnormal encounterings it gives it credibility; it gives it believability; thus the story is scarier because if a man such as Utterson is seeing this strange case then it must be real Indeed this gothic novella was considered very scary at the time I think this was emphasised because Stevenson pushed the boundaries of the gothic genre One of the tenants of the style rests upon the inclusion of a doppelgänger Instead of using this classic idea Stevenson transgressed it with having his doppelgängers relationship reside in the same character JekyllHyde is the same person and at the same time one and another’s counterpart I think this is a masterful techniue because the relationship between the two is psychologically complex and fear inducing than for example the relationship between Frankenstein and his Monster It breaks the boundaries of the normal role and establishes a doppelgänger relationship that is stronger than any others This all happened because one day a Victoria chemist decided to see if he could separate the two states of human nature The result was a successful disaster Utterson has to try and piece together the scraps of the strange situation He is perplexed at the idea of the paranormal because logic dictates that this shouldn’t be happening therefore it isn’t real but only it is so again it becomes scary The incident at the window is demonstrative of this Utterson witnesses Jekyll’s transgressive shift into Hyde and a shift between the doppelgangers The blood of the Victorian gentleman is frozen by what he beholds I learned to recognise the thorough and primitive duality of man; I saw that of the two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness even if I could rightly be said to be either it was only because I was radically bothI love the gothic genre and I love this novella I think so much can be taken from it because the number of interpretations that have been made of it are huge It is told in my favourite style of narration epistolary There are a number of narrators including Jekyll himself Conseuently the interpretive value is increased significantly I’ve spoken a lot about Utterson but there is also the strong possibility of Jekyll being an unreliable narrator as he has deluded himself almost completely One could also compare the work to Stevenson’s own life and his self imposed exile as he wrote this gothic master piece In addition to this Hyde can be seen as the personification of having the so called exact physical characteristics of a criminal in the Victorian age and the homosexual undertones are also very implicit in the text There is just so much going on in here The literary value of this is of course incredibly high But it is also incredibly entertaining to read I’ve written essays about this novella for university; thus I could praise this book all day and night This is certainly the best novella I've read to date I had to buy a Folio Society edition of it I just had to

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First published in The work is commonly known today The Strange PDFEPUB or as T The appearancessuperficiality motif appears as early on as the first sentence in this tense tight but ultimately convoluted smear of a novella Count on countenance for good sturdy bones in a story of detection yet Plus there are really nice framing devices on display here a check mark always in my book like the letters within letters narrative a nifty exercise which is mighty cool Here my favorite sentence from the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Jekyll had than a father's interest; Hyde had than a son's indifference 85 Super dooper neatYet And then there is the fact that the main protagonists become manifested once they are uttered into existence by the status uo the pre turn of the century Londonfolk Rumor creates their reputations before the two er one ever make the center stage HoweverI must mention that I feel as though the actual occurrence the solved crime what's underneath all the whispy artifices of this rudimentary detective noir novel is a homosexual relationship gone to extremes to a level that's too literary Maybe that's a stretch Also I LOVE that JEKYLL sounds like jackal as in Devil CuteButThis is not worthy of the canon Bottom Line Cos the whole Dual Nature and Commingling of Good and Evil thing is overdone stamped into the reader like some mantra that could be interpreted in many different ways and becomes uite frankly overly exhausted This ain't as kitschy or pre kitschy nowhere near as I'd foolishly predicted If you want something macabre AND brilliant go to the French serial classic The Phantom of the Opera

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeStrange Case of Dr Case of Epub #222 Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the original title of PfftThis Stevenson guy totally ripped off Stan Lee's Hulk character I mean did this dude seriously think he could get away with what basically boils down to a copy paste job of one of the most iconic literary characters in comics I Think NotStan my friend you have a real chance at winning a copyright infringement lawsuit view spoilerFor the love of all that's good and holy please don't correct me in the comments Hello JokingIt's obvious that Mr Stevenson's real inspiration for this short story came from the Bugs Bunny cartoons Duh hide spoiler