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A classic novel from the mind of the storyteller who captures the imagination of readers from around the world and across two generations The final exam for Dr Matson's Advanced Survival class was meant to Very original and entertaining Heinlein adventureThis was one of my favorite Heinlein juvenile books and concerns a Stargate type of portal did this influence the later films? where colonists are sent out into the farther reaches of the universe But before a band of colonists would attempt to settle a planet adventurous types would go out first to provide reconnaissance and determine of the habitat was livableMany of Heinlein's later ideas are revealed here and his hard scrabble libertarianism blossoms Many scenes anticipate his later work Time Enough for Love I also think about Philip K Dick's novel The Crack in Space

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Tunnel in the SkyBe just that only a test But something has gone terribly wrongand now Rod Walker and his fellow students are stranded somewhere unknown in the universe beyond contact with Earth at the other end of a tunnel One of Heinlein's youth books that stirred my imagination than most I really liked this book and read it many times in my youth A class of young survivalists college and high school students taking survival classes in school are sent to a distant un colonized planet to surviveand are lost They then have to survive on their own with no way to get homeAs I said as a youth I loved this book Rod Walker's teacher is worried about Rod taking the final exam in the survival class being left on a planet to survive because as the teacher puts it he's a romantic born in a romantic age Had he not been born in a romantic age he'd have had a mundane job and dreamed what it would have been like to be in a romantic age I suppose that was meGood book interesting and enjoyableUpdate 9 4 12I read this book first long ago the 1960s It has stayed with me and I still held scenes from it in my imaginary memory I just reread it and I must say that as is the case with many of Heinlein's works though sadly not all this novel holds up and read from a adult point of view has facets that a younger reader may missTunnel in the Sky is one of what are usually called Heinlein's youth or teen books The protagonist Rod Walker is a young man in his last year of high school readying himself to take his solo survival test The characterization and plotting are both good while geared to a younger audience it holds up very well for an adult readership I can highly recommend this one view spoiler The class along with other classes both secondary schools and a university class are lost and end having to survive for than 2 years before help arrives The conflict that arises between Rod a straight forward somewhat pragmatic leader and Grant a born politician is interesting and infuriatingand I mean on both sides Young Rod allows himself to be played He makes some poor decisions and at times you'll want to scream but he learns hide spoiler

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PDF à BOOK Tunnel in the Sky ✓ ROBERT A. HEINLEIN ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Tunnel in the Sky By Robert A. Heinlein – A classic novel from the mind of the storyteller who captures the imagination of readers from around the world and across two generations The final exam for Dr Matson's AdvIn the sky Stripped of all comforts hoping for a passage home that may never appear the castaways must band together or perish For Rod and his fellow survivors this is one test where failure is not an opti “The extradimensional distortions necessary to match places on two planets many light years apart were not simply a matter of expenditure of enormous uantities of energy; they were precision problems fussy beyond belief involving high mathematics and high art the math was done by machine but the gate operator always had to adjust the last couple of decimal places by prayer and intuition”I do love Heinlein’s style of tech talk sounds great and seems to make sense with just about the right amount of handwavium High mathematics and high art FTW Tunnel in the Sky is one of Heinlein’s popular Juvenile titles opinions vary concerning his better known adults titles like Stranger in a Strange Land and Starship Troopers they are often regarded as classic sci fi but also feature a high uotient of the author’s trademark didacticism some of his later books are so didactic they are unreadable for me His juvenile titles – on the other hand – are generally well liked and remembered fondly by veteran SF readers especially as early exposures to sci fi lit They tend to be short entertaining intergalactic adventures with some thought provoking ideas behind them if you care to look Tunnel in the Sky is a fine example of thisFun cover no such scene in the bookThe main “SFnal” conceit of the book is portals between planets a very common sci fifantasy trope where you step through a door or gateway and is immediately transported to another location far away Set in an unspecified future age the Earth is overpopulated and humanity is expanding to colonize other planets via “Ramsbotham gates” The young protagonist Rod Walker and other students are being sent to a potential colony planet on an “Advanced Survival” test armed with some basic survival tools Unfortunately something goes wrong with the gateway system and the students are stranded When it becomes apparent that rescue is not imminent and may never come the students have to band together to survive and not knowing why they have lost contact with Earth perhaps the onus is upon them to ensure the continuity of the human raceRod Walker is supposed to be black actuallyOnce Walker’s adventure on the unnamed planet starts in earnest the narrative shifts into a tale of survival and then when Walker meets other students and begin to form a colony the narrative becomes something a little akin to Lord of the Flies published a year earlier Then we have the next step of a gradual formation of a society and even a civilization with a little bit of Heinleinian didacticism but just the right amount to be interesting and not grinding the storytelling to a halt The sci fi element – in term of futuristic tech – is mostly absent from the middle section of the book the biggest chunk there are some non sentient alien creatures for the characters to contend with but nothing particularly outlandish The teleportation portals are just a plot device to place the characters where they need to be For the most part the narrative is concerned with the development of a colony leadership society politics and baby steps towards civilization The characters are uite well drawn something Heinlein has over his legendary contemporaries Asimov and Clarke this and the occasional sparkles in the dialogue I really like the ending not a massive surprise but it feels rightFor the most part Tunnel in the Sky is “spec fic” than sci fi but importantly it is a very good engaging well paced read with some depth to it Well worth the time and moneyuotes “Why I had one girl who wanted to never mind; the thing about the griffin is that it does not really have vital organs Its nervous system is decentralized even its assimilation system To kill it uickly you would have to grind it into hamburger Shooting merely tickles it “I know how good a gun feels It makes you bright eyed and bushy tailed three meters tall and covered with hair You're ready for anything and kind of hoping you'll find it Which is exactly what is dangerous about it because you aren't anything of the sort You are a feeble hairless embryo remarkably easy to kill You could carry an assault gun with two thousand meters precision range and isotope charges that will blow up a hill but you still would not have eyes in the back of your head like a janus bird nor be able to see in the dark like the Thetis pygmies Death can cuddle up behind you while you are drawing a bead on something in front”Black Rod