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Black Lamb and Grey Falcon reader » Paperback read ↠ feedmarkformulate Ç ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Black Lamb and Grey Falcon By Rebecca West ✸ – Written on the brink of World War II Rebecca West's classic examination of the history people and politics of YuNcern A magnificent blend of travel journal cultural commentary and historical insight Black Lamb and Grey Falcon probes the troubled history of the Balkans and the uneasy relationshi Hatred comes before love and gives the hater strange and delicious pleasures but its works are short lived; the head is cut from the body before the time of natural death the lie is told to frustrate the other rogue’s plan before it comes to fruit Sooner or later society tires of making a mosaic of these evil fragments; and even if the rule of hatred lasts some centuries it occupies no place in real time it is a hiatus in reality and not the vastest material thefts not world wide raids on mines and granaries can give it substanceThroughout my teetering adulthood I often assume and maintain numerous guises Oh I am a Southerner I understand I'm Irish It is really for us Intellectuals to ponder well you might know if you were a Manchester United fan like I am So it goes These aren't fictions as such they simply are whiffs of reality rather than constitutional components This flaccid list could also include I'm a Serb by marriage I truly feel that I am but I can relate and certainly empathize The principal reason I never read this book in the former Yugoslavia was that I feared I would be the everybore asking uestions about West's observations as asking whether so and so spa was still in existence and could we go there that sort of thing When my wife and I were married 12 years ago I knew about 200 words in Serbian now I likely know about 150 There isn't constant reinforcement for such in Indiana Life however is never as simple as that and human beings rarely so potent Rebecca West traveled to Yugoslavia with her husband in the spring of 1937 She had been by herself the year before and returned to document the fascinating land as the dark clouds of war rumbled into view There isn't a great deal of judgment about races or nations in these 1200 pages That is refreshing The pair arrive for a snowy Easter in Dubrovnik and travel to Zagreb and then Sarajevo The piece here of Gavrilo Princip and Franz Ferdinand is simply stunning Then it is on to Belgrade and then to Macedonia Kosovo where the fateful battle of 1389 is explored in gorgeous detail and finally Montenegro there are a dozens of short sections detailing towns vineyards and monasteries The conceptual ambivalence of Roman rule is considered Did the viaducts and roads outweigh the hegemony? Did the survival of Millennialist cults betray the fate of present day Bosnia? There is an exciting admixture of poetry and philosophy in these historical digressions how the aesthetic sparkle of the Byzantines was allowed to sleep under 400 years of Ottoman degradation Along that road was the Turkish empire really so vacuous? The narrative is propelled by the foil of their friend Constantine a poet and Yugoslav official He's a Serbian Jew married to Gerda an ethnic German with a loathing of Slavs the recriminations of Versailles and well apparently Rebecca West This tension keeps the discussions and observations personal but the reader soon tires of Gerda's shrieking I have been on bad road trips I would've cut and ran I finished the book earlier today and I remain afraid to check online for the fate of Constantine

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Written on the brink of World War II Rebecca West's classic examination of the history people and politics of Yugoslavia illuminates a region that is still a focus of international co I think I only bought this book because it looked fat plain and unappreciated on the bookshop shelf It still is fat and plain but is at least occasionally enjoyed on my shelfWest's prejudices are plain pro Yugoslavia and pro Serb which on the whole means you can take them into account as you are readingSome of her attitudes come across as overly simplistic maybe even naive for instance her characterisation of the young thrusting Serb states at various points in history contrasted with flabby lethargic Byzantine and Ottoman Empires Perhaps this book is best understood as a form of propaganda or better said as expressing a distinct political view at a very particular point in time the run up to the Second World War And for her Yugoslavia is the real thing of which Mussolini's Italy is simply a flabby imitation as well as a kind of answer to the 1930s authoritative masculine virile a country which in her eyes was both well rooted in its past but also confidently looking forwardShe travels both through time and space as she takes us across 1930s Yugoslavia In Sarajevo she shows us the accidental assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand while taking us back to his troubled relationship with the Imperial court and showing us the mass organised slaughter of his hunting parties this as a visual counterpoint both to his own slaughter and that of the first world war She leads us down through the series of battles fought on the Kossovo plain and through the hard lands of Dalmatia stripped bare by foreign occupiers via the city of Split that has grown up in the remains of Diocletian's palace We see in Belgrade the alternation of Karageorges and Obrenovitchs who in turn struggled to build up a polity out from under the Ottomans But at the same time she shows us a society in transition and there references to changing habits and traditions All of this takes place however in the context of the people that she meets and travels with much of which is humorous or at least would be humorous if we didn't know what was very shortly due to happen in this country And in fact the book ends with people of Marseilles having heard of Yugoslavia's resistance to Hitler throwing flowers on the grave of King Alexander An extremely empathetic travel book and a rich introduction to the region although possibly best enjoyed with something a bit sharper and critical to cleanse the palate In any case a master work of British travel writing although it transcends that and is a cultural and historical appreciation of a region coloured by the author's disenchantment with late imperial Britain and the politics of the 1930s

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Black Lamb and Grey FalconPs amongst its ethnic groups The landscape and the people of Yugoslavia are brilliantly observed as West untangles the tensions that rule the country's history as well as its daily li I imagine this book and I will be together on and off for some months like a Proust project But from everything I've heard I very much look forward to it