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READ Ñ When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry ↠ [Download] ➵ When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry By Molly Bang – This beautifully designed book tells the story of a little girl named Sophie who learns that it's okay to be angryEverybody gets angry sometimes For children anger can be S of different things when they get angry In this Caldecott Honor book kids will see what Sophie does when she gets angry What do you d. Happily absorbed in her play Sophie is unprepared when her sister grabs her toy gorilla and absolutely infuriated when her mother points out that it is her sister's turn to play with it Boiling over with rage feeling like a volcano about to explode Sophie does what she always does when she gets very very angry she runsChosen as a Caldecott Honor book in 2000 When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry is illustrated in vibrant primary colors that perfectly capture the emotional register of each scene Sophie begins the story outlined in a happy yellow but her uick descent into anger is accompanied by a red halo that grows with her rage becoming almost another being a red shadow being as she throws a temper tantrum As she slowly calms down soothed by the uiet beauty of the natural world around her her outline returns to less strident hues I really appreciated Molly Bang's use of color here finding it very astute and think her artwork will grab young readers' attention That said I have to agree with my friend Chandra in wondering if it was really worthy of a nod from the Caldecott committee I also had some mixed feelings about the story itself While I applaud Bang's sympathetic portrait of a child's emotions I wasn't sure I approved of the way in which the sibling conflict was resolved I don't know about you but when I get very angry removing myself from the situation and calming down while absolutely necessary are just the first step There needs to be discussion possibly apologies before everything is back to normal Still despite these reservations I think this is a good title to use with children to explore handling strong anger


RyEverybody gets angry sometimes For children anger can be very upsetting Parents teachers and children can talk about it People do lot. Not only do I totally and emotionally understand just why Sophie gets really really angry I also rather majorly consider the way that the mother has handled the entire scenario presented in Molly Bang's When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry as a totally and epic PARENTING FAILURE For honestly considering that Sophie's sister just violently seems to grab the plush gorilla toy from Sophie while the latter is happily playing it is not really if actually at all acceptable parenting wise for the mother to at least in my humble opinion basically and very strongly not only enable but to also actively condone this kind of bullying and sense of entitlement by not with even one word being critical of the behaviour of Sophie's sister and simply stating that it is the sister's turn and that therefore her wresting the toy away from Sophie is seemingly even rather justified because even if it might well be the sister's turn to play with the stuffed gorilla there to and for me is just no justification whatsoever for the mother to consider the sister's behaviour as in any way appropriate and not being even remotely critical of her and in my opinion by this omission also eually rather casting considerable blame at Sophie with indeed the mother in When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry at best showing poor parenting skills and at worst demonstrating an obvious and noticeable emotional preference towards Sophie's sister And yes while some readers say that they are uncomfortable with the fact that in When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry it is shown by Molly Bang as being a positive for Sophie after her temper tantrum to run out of the door of her house and to remove herself from the scenario that originally made her so angry until she has calmed down and is both willing and able to return home my own issues with When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry are ONLY with regard to the in my opinion really unfortunate parenting that is being depicted and that yes I do believe the mother does seem to rather prefer Sophie's sister as why else would she not have at least taken the sister to task for simply yanking and in a rather heavy handed manner the gorilla toy away from Sophie without any explanation except yelling that it is now her turn Now with regard to Molly Bang's accompanying artwork for in When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry Molly Bang acts as both author and illustrator albeit that I do appreciate how Molly Bang's use of colour mirrors Sophie's changing emotions from seething fire like anger to finally calming down and being no longer enraged I have also not found the actual pictures themselves as being all that much to my visual tastes and with in particular the way in which Molly bang has rendered her human arms feeling visually than a bit off with regard to their physical dimensions And yes I do therefore also coming from my own aesthetics wonder why and how When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry ended up being awarded a Caldecott Honour designation as I personally have just not found the illustrations all that special all that remarkable

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When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really AngryThis beautifully designed book tells the story Gets Angry Kindle #215 of a little girl named Sophie who learns that it's okay to be ang. Our family had a good little laugh over this We started reading this and the nephew and I looked at each other and we said that Sophie is much like the niece when she gets mad She is much better now but that girl used to throw some of the best tantrums around Sophie handles it in a great way She explodes and then runs outside and climbs a big tree to look at the world That’s great for living in the country but in the city it’s not really as easy to do that The niece did not take kindly to us poking a little fun at her The artwork is not my favorite but I do like that it shows and expresses Sophie’s emotions This is a beginning book about dealing with angerThe nephew thought it was funny and he gave this 4 stars The niece was put off that we thought this was her and she gave this 2 stars