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Free read The Truth About Alice ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ç [Download] ➽ The Truth About Alice By Jennifer Mathieu – Everyone knows Alice slept with two guys at one partyBut did you know Alice was sexting Brandon when he crashed his carIt's true Ask ANYBODYRumor has it that Alice FraL at Healy High for everyone to see And after star uarterback Brandon Fitzsimmons dies in a car accident the rumors start to spiral out of controlIn this remarkable debut novel four Healy High students the girl who has the. EDIT I finally got the gifs to workIf you have read this book and loved it and you are reading my review about this book do not feel offended Please excuse my language as well This book was total fucking shit I hate this shit with all I've got This book is filled with fucking selfish disgusting idiotic two faced cunts for characters and I hated every single one of these fucking characters This entire story was so fucking stupid The only aspect of this book that made me want to read this was Kurt Kurt aaaaand Kurt Everything else was a waste of my fucking timeProceed with caution The following paragraph will be discussing how fucking stupid the characters were besides Kurt I don't think I have ever hated so many characters as much as I did in this book Elaine was the popular mean bitch who owned the entire fucking world because she has such great fucking boobs and ass and can get any fucking guy she wants Kelsie was the biggest two faced disgusting lying cowardly desperate piece of dog shit of a character I have ever read about Josh is just the biggest coward on the face of this earth He is disgusting and a freaking dickhead Alice was just a wuss People were spreading rumors and saying shit about her and she did fucking nothing to stand up for herself Brandon was just a slimy fucking dickhead All he did was talk about getting laid and fucking some The way he talked about banging girls was just plain disgusting I hated him probably the fucking most AND THE SLUT SHAMING JESUS FUCKING CHRIST I WANTED TO KILL SOMEONE Overall I hated this dog shit of a book I do not recommend Avoid it like the plague ;

characters ¸ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Jennifer Mathieu

Everyone knows Alice slept with two guys at one partyBut did you know Alice was sexting Brandon when he crashed his carIt's true Ask ANYBODYRumor has it that Alice Franklin is a slut It's written all over the bathroom stal. Alice Franklin is a slut And Elaine is the evil popular girl And Josh is your average popular jock And Kurt is the school nerd and social outcast And Kelsey is Alice Franklin's former best friendThis is a book about stereotypes And it's fantastic The author went above and beyond what I could have expected from this book She not only challenges the idea of the school slut that is all too popular in real life and in YA but she also paints detailed and three dimensional portraits of every school label and cliue This is also a book about blame about how everyone shares a piece of it but about how human everyone is beneath all their mistakes and selfish actions I found it incredibly powerful The Truth About Alice is an ambitious book told from four different perspectives It alternates between the present and the retelling of past events which led to Alice Franklin becoming the girl no one wanted to be associated with Because Alice Franklin is a slut And in the eyes of her fellow high school students she is also the girl responsible for Brandon's death he was the hottest most popular jock According to Josh Alice was texting Brandon in a desperate attempt to sleep with him again on the night that Brandon died in a car accident So really it's all her faultMore than two perspectives rarely works for me Usually I find that this kind of split narrative means that I never feel a connection with any of the characters that they are spread too thin and are not given enough characterization Or I feel like they all start to sound the same This is not the case here I enjoyed reading each character's POV eually I was initially unsure about the book in the first chapter when I got inside Elaine's ditzy head and had to read the word like way too many times but I soon got used to all of them and I appreciated the author's decision to make every perspective very differentThis book essentially takes every stereotype and breaks it down into something meaningful It shows why teenagers sometimes decide to be cruel shows the insecurities and uncertainties everyone feels and it humanizes each stereotype the jock the ueen bee the nerd the virgin the slut and tells a very moving and gripping story I can't believe how much emotion and characterization is packed into just these few pages I couldn't put it downThe ending might be a little unsatisfactory for some but I found the absence of neatness really refreshing I hate when contemporary novels sweep everyone's problems under the rug in the final chapter and people walk off into the sunset holding hands This book wasn't about finding a solution it was just a very important story that needed tellingIn my opinion every teenager should read this bookBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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The Truth About AliceInfamous party the car accident survivor the former best friend and the boy next door tell all they knowBut The Truth eBook #9734 exactly what is the truth about Alice In the end there's only one person to ask Alice herse. This was a YA contemporary story about bullyingAlice was a character that I felt sorry for but it was a bit hard to connect with her as we saw everything from other people’s point of view rather than from Alice I thought that her sort of best friend was a bit of a hypocrite though and the other kids weren’t much betterThe storyline in this was about a rumour that Alice had slept with two guys on the same night and about how one of those guys had ended up dead The rumour seemed to spiral out of control though until Alice was essentially an outcast at her school and the bullies didn’t really seem to care about the effect they were having on herThe ending to this was okay and we did eventually get to hear from Alice it was maybe a little too late for me though and the bullying didn’t really stop either6 out of 10