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Thirteen Reasons Why free read ð 106 ↠ ❴Epub❵ ➟ Thirteen Reasons Why Author Jay Asher – You can’t stop the future You can’t rewind the pastThe only way to learn the secret is to press playClay Jensen returns home from school to find a strange package with his name on it lying on his You caS recorded by Hannah Baker–his classmate and crush–who committed suicide two weeks earlier Hannah’s voice tells him that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life Clay is one of them If he listens he’ll find out why Clay s. WARNING I did not like this book If you did and would hate it if someone me ranted and bitched about it then DO NOT READ THIS REVIEWREVIEW I don't know why this book is so popular And I honestly don't know what all the rave is about I heard so many great things about this novel that's why I read it While this was a good book well written and allthe plot was just not good enough—no the reasons leading to Hannah Baker killing herself were not believable enough for me I mean sure they did some horrible things to her in high school that doesn't mean you should just go off and commit suicide As far as I'm concerned those kinds of situations happen to everyone And I don't believe for one second that no one noticed that she wanted to commit suicide What about her haircut Didn't the author mention that the teacher passed out a flyer called The Warning Signs of a Suicidal Individual And wasn't there A sudden change in appearance on top of the list What about Giving away possessions Didn't they discuss suicide in the same class Didn't Hannah leave an anonymous note telling the teacher that After she told Mr Porter And he didn't stop her Come on they couldn't have been that dumb Hannah above all just sounded whiny And I just couldn't sympathize with her character And committing suicide and then blaming people for it is just a stupid excuse for killing herself She was the one that decided to kill herself not them—not anyone She just needed someone to blame And poor Clay If Clay wasn't one of the reasons Hannah killed herself then why put him through the agony Why give him the tapes She could've just written him a letter And Tony Hannah put even the ones that had nothing to do with her in pain For example what did Tony do to her Because I know he was hurting too He felt helpless because he couldn't have saved her It was also very difficult and confusing to keep up with what Clay and Hannah saidthought One second I'm reading in Clay's point of view the next Hannah's And sometimes I had to reread a whole paragraph because I got the POV wrong in my headAlso I think suicide is a very serious issue so I didn't really buy Jay Asher's portrayal of Hannah's feelings If someone wanted to commit suicide their emotion had to be deeper stronger than just hatred and petty resentment for having a bad reputation in High School Therefore I thought Hannah's emotions weren't very serious even childish and overly dramatic at times And after finishing the books I was like seriously That's why she killed herself I honestly felt like Asher was making fun of the teens who have been through terrible things in their life and are still trying to stay strong after everything they've been through This was like telling them what the heck end your life if you're so miserableUPDATE Just found out this is going to be a movie Starring Selena GomezAlso if you want to know about Hannah's reasons read message 6

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Pends the night crisscrossing his town with Hannah as his guide Thirteen Reasons ePUB #186 He becomes a firsthand witness to Hannah’s pain and as he follows Hannah’s recorded words throughout his town what he discovers changes his life forever. I REALLY REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK I had heard very mixed things for some time and it seemed a lot of readers were very divided on this book but I personally really loved itI do want to say I don't think this is 100% the best book in the world for depressionsuicide but I do believe it is an intersting narrative on how suicide impacts those affected considering suicide is never a singular action I also don't necessarily agree with the content of the book as guilting and blaming those who's actions drove Hannah to her death is not an appropriate response that we should approve of but I also don't feel this book condoned that idea Maybe the author did not go about things in the best way in my personal opinion but I do think the message that your actions influence others in ways you may not realize came across well The path to get there was not perfect but the execution was I also despise the reviews on here saying that Hannah had no excuse to kill herself she was not depressed enough and it wasn't believable for her to commit suicide because of these reasons Excuse me Work on your stigma regarding people with mental illness I am SO SO SORRY that you feel someone who is a victim of bullying sexual harassmentt sexual assault who reaches out for help and is told to move on is not a good enough excuse to kill themselves but I am NOT HERE for delegitimizing one's personal suffering because it wasn't something you have experienced God forbid my reason for being depressed was a chemical imbalance in my brain can't imagine what you'd think of MY excuse for attempting suicide rolls eyes Depression manifests in a multitude of ways People commit suicide for a variety of reasons I've been diagnosed with clinical depressed and spent most of my adolescence in a cycle of self harm and suicidal ideation Can I related to Hannah Baker No I cannot Our stories are very different But that does not mean it is impossible for her experience to exist or that others will be unable to relate to what this poor girl went through If you view life through a singular lens I promise you will continually be let down by those who's lives do not perfectly mirror your own I also want to note that I DO see why this book has upset so many people I really do see the perspective of others who disagree with this book and don't feel it achieved what it was trying to I just personally feel differently Overall I really really enjoying the mere HOURS it took me to devour this book It was a great experience and I'm glad I read it

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Thirteen Reasons WhyYou can’t stop the future You can’t rewind the pastThe only way to learn the secret is to press playClay Jensen returns home from school to find a strange package with his name on it lying on his porch Inside he discovers several cassette tape. Wow What a btch ButButMirandahow can you not love cherish and worship a suicide book Hannah was so brave she dealt with life the best way she couldBlah blah blahAre you sitting down Good cause things are about to get ranty HUGE MOTHER EFFING DISCLAIMERIf you absolutely loved this book or if you think it really helped you through a tough time I have absolutely no problem with that You are completely and utterly entitled to your opinion on this novel just like I'm entitled to hate it with every fiber of my being My hatred can be split into four parts The Message to the Target Audience Glamorous Suicide The Absolutely Terrible Excuse for A Main Character and Were you Raped Sorry it's Me Time Now The Message to the Target Audience aka just kill yourself As an 25 year old adult I am able to read this book and take a step back to truly appreciate the full wrath of Hannah She's able to absolutely crumble the lives of the bullies extract sweet revenge on her ex friends and even get the boy she likes to admit that he really really likes herAnd how does she do that By killing herselfLet me repeat that she's able to accomplish all her wildest dreams By Killing Herself And the target audience Preteensteens Kids who are already thinking of suicide and are curious to see what happens afterAnd how does the author a grown adult advise them Just kill yourself and everything will be better after you die I cannot begin to express how furious that made me Okay okay I will admit that there is another message one of accepting embracing and truly caring for your peers before something tragic happensbut I'd like to remind you how do we reach this conclusionWell Hannah only had to off herself for this to happen Kill yourself and the world becomes a better place Glamorous Suicide aka suicide is a wondrous method to bring about change This is in a somewhat similar vein to the previous but did anyone else notice how beautiful and poetical her suicide wasHow all the bullies were cowed How all her friends regretted not appreciating her when she was alive How everyone felt bad about not being nicerEven her suicide was a graceful fade to blackThe book doesn't show any negative repercussions for her actions just that everything is better after she's goneAnd while maybe some kids may react the same as the ones portrayed in this book I'd wager that most teens out there won't fall perfectly into the Oh poor Hannah such a tragic little victim categoryMost teens won't have the self reflection and emotional awareness shown in this novel She'll become a footnote a blip on their radar and they'll move on Absolutely Terrible Excuse for a Main Character aka what a btch I am of the firm belief that if something tragic or some self inflicted tragedy befalls the main character does not erase their sins Just because they did some grand meaningful gesture does not mean everything they did is given the rose tinted glassesAnd what Hannah did was absolutely inexcusable Most suicides according to google are due to mental illness 90% ie clinical depression bipolar etc or due to an impulse decision triggered by a great tragedyoverwhelming circumstances From my admittingly untrained eye Hannah experiences neither of these And I believe that if the author wanted us to see either one of those cases he would have made that abundantly clear Which makes Hannah's premeditated revenge odd to say the least She picks out thirteen people who she's perceived wronged her and sets about to find the most hurtful and vengeful way to ruin their lives She wants to make her suicide count by destroying these other teen's lives so thoroughly that they become traumatized and absolutely terrified for the rest of their daysSo who are these life ruiners you ask Who are these absolute monsters who made Hannah's life a living hell Pushing her every day closer to oblivion Her first kiss now the guy did brag that he got a bit further than a first kiss with her but to pin her suicide on him On a kid who likely felt inadeuate and just wanted to seem olderexperienced among his friend group A friend who drifted apart from her sure this girl wasn't Hannah's bestie for life but isn't she allowed to choose who her friends were She and Hannah drifted apart just like millions of girls throughout high schoolbut no Hannah has to make sure this girl KNOWS that stopping friendships with ANYONE is a direct cause for suicide A guy who said she has a nice ass I'm all for not objectifying women but really She's trying to pin her suicide on a teenage guy who said she has a nice ass A nice girl who ended up not being super nice this girl was polite to Hannah hung out a couple of times but ultimately did not want to become best friends Well now she knows that if she is not ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY NICE AND FRIENDLY with everyone she meets then they may kill themselves in revenge A guidance counselor who didn't stop her suicide In Hannah's version he was the last straw between her and oblivion And he failed He failed her her parents and the schoolTo expect one man to completely turn around a suicidal girl especially one who premeditates her suicide to such an extent that she uses it as a weapon against other kids is in my opinion horribly unrealisticAnd that's the thing that everyone seems to forget these people who caused her suicide are kids Teenagers with their own troubles trials and tribulations They're wading through the murky waters of high school with as much direction as HannahAnd in her anger fury and spite she puts them all on the same playing field The peeping Tom and rapist somehow contributed eually to the guy who stole the compliments from her compliment box Apparently no one commenting about your haircut is just as likely to send you into a suicidal spiral as privacy violations Were you Raped Sorry it's Me Time Now aka My God Hannah What's Wrong With You I will admit there were some of the kids that had it coming ie the rapist and the peeping Tom they should have been called out on their actions But instead of going to the authorities and actually doing something about this Hannah just outs them in one of her tapes And it gets better she never sends a tape to the rapist Instead she sends it to her ex friend the girl who was drunk and barely conscious throughout the rape and Hannah blames her suicide on herThat's right the RAPE victim learns that she's RAPED on Hannah's suicide tape that Hannah and the boy the rape victim liked did nothing about itAND what's Hannah's interpretation You ex friend caused my suicide cause you didn't want to be friends for life And to that I say A GOOD RIDDANCE Dropping Hannah like a hot tamale was obviously the right choice B Can you even begin to imagine learning that happened to you while your so called friend was hanging out in the closet of the same room And what was Hannah doing What was SO CRAZY IMPORTANT that she just couldn't stop her friend from being raped Having a tipsy mental breakdown because A the boy she liked her tried to kiss her and B when she said no he stopped Excuse me but how was THAT important that preventing an ex friend from getting RAPEDLiterally all Hannah had to do was step out of the closet and he'd be scared offBut noooooo Hannah decides to make the suicide tapes LONG after all the evidence has been washed away to let everyone know that she's the victim That SHE deserves the pity and sympathyI'm sorry I'm sure there are many MANY ways to interpret this book but I just can't see feeling sympathy for the girl who killed herself over nice ass and friends not staying friends vs the one who was raped while her best friendguy she liked watched and then was blamed for a suicide This is the sort of revenge Hannah decides to extract on these teens It's unforgivable I can't believe I wasted my time with this ANOTHER BIG MOTHER EFFING DISCLAIMER cause apparently my first one was not enough Yes this is my opinion This is my interpretation of this novel Is it the right one Maybe and maybe notIf this book is perfect in your eyes if it really saved you I am not discounting that experience This book has a LOT of potential to bring about difficult discussions but I feel that the way it is written is problematic to say the least But again this is one take on the novel Audiobook CommentsThe one thing I couldn't fault this book on was the choice of narrators Joel Johnstone and Debra Wiseman were absolutely perfect throughout this book The way they played off of each other the way they conveyed emotions amazing through and through The 2018 Finer Books Club Reading Challenge A book with a number in the titleYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads