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Regula BenedictiAble model for anyone desiring to live simply While they presuppose a certain detachment from the world they provide guidance and inspiration for anyone seeking peace and fulfillment in their home and work communities As prepared by the Benedictine monk and priest Timothy Fry this translation of The Rule My planned reading of spiritual classics have been uite slow But here's one that I can recommend These Rules have greatly influenced monasteries around the world until this day They begin with some general reflections on piety that all Christians can benefit from then he goes on with specific rules for the monks There's a spirit here of love and humility and grace but a lot of the Rules do seem very strict specially on not talking and not laughingOK there are also some funny Rules Here's some with my comments They sleep clothed and girded with belts of cords; but they should remove their knives lest they accidentally cut themselves in their sleep How considerate Benedict Each will hasten to arrive at the Work of God before the others yet with all dignity and decorum He hehow fast can you go with decorum intact May the best man win Without an order from the abbot no one may presume to give receive or retain anything as his own nothing at all not a book writing tablets or stylus No tablets? Oh no I have to give up my iPad? I knew I was not cut out for this monkish business We believe that half a bottle of wine a day is sufficient for each I reconsider Do let me be a monk If anyone does not come to the table before the versehis portion of wine should be taken away That should do it

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Composed nearly fifteen hundred years ago by the father of Western monasticism The Rule of St Benedict has for centuries been the guide of religious communities St Benedict's rules of obedience humility and contemplation are not only prereuisites for formal religious societies they also provide an invalu I've often thought that the monastic order is the high point of my religion No power no ambition just simple and just service to God and man Therefore I thought I'd read the beginning of that order My sympathies are much in align with the Franciscans then the Benedictions which is to put it gently a little harsh A surprisingly large amount of the book deals with Benedict's disdain for laughter and or grumblingAlot of this slight volume is simply not very useful to the layman unless you desperately want to know how you should perform you're cooking duties and sleeping arrangements should a monastery happen to visit you Still this book is the foundation for an order and way of life that I have nothing but the utmost respect for And if Christians myself of course included followed the wisdom of lines such as keep your tongue free from vicious talk and your lips from all deceit; turn away from evil and do good; let peace be your uest and your aim I firmly believe that both the world and the church would be in much better standing

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read Regula Benedicti doc à Paperback Ò benedict of nursia É [KINDLE] ❂ Regula Benedicti Author Benedict of Nursia – Composed nearly fifteen hundred years ago by the father of Western monasticism The Rule of St Benedict has for centuries been the guide of religious communitiOf St Benedict can be a life transforming book With a new Preface by Thomas Moore author of The Care of the SoulGod is our home but many of us have strayed from our native land The venerable authors of these Spiritual Classics are expert guides may we follow their directions home Archbishop Desmond Tutu It encourages me to grow in the life of faith The we have progress in our active faith the greater we expand in our hearts The Rule of Saint Benedict says When faith makes that progress the heart is expanded and is borne along with the indescribable sweetness of love Lord grant me such happiness that may expand stretch and launch out into the deep in You as you asked Peter to Bring Your own life to my faith and make it such living vibrant faith so that I may conuer and gain You at all times